Britney Spears' Photo Shoot and Interview with OK! Magazine Was a Complete Disaster

Britney Spears' Photo Shoot and Interview with OK! Magazine Was a Complete Disaster

Multiple sources have assumed that Britney's decision to have an interview with OK! magazine could ruin her career.
Could Britney Spears take the wrong step when she contacted OK! Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Sara Ivens to negotiate a tell-all interview with the publication? Well, multiple sources predicted so. Yes or no? Only time will tell.

Only days after report on Brit's tell-all interview with OK! Magazine made its way to public, rumors are abuzz that the session had gone bad. Multiple sources claimed it as "a complete disaster" that could possibly ruin her career in the industry. It is reported that Brit's behavior during the interview was "nothing less than a meltdown."

She was, per TMZ's sources, "completely out of it" during the shoot and the photos are "so bad." At one point the troubled pop singer's eyes "rolled back in her head, causing her to look half dead." Worse, sources on set claimed her mood was "extremely erratic." "She took frequent bathroom breaks, and each time she returned her mood would change. She was also completely paranoid during the entire interview, fearing at one point the ceiling was about to cave in on her," so TMZ wrote on its Website.

Brit, moreover, also used the Gucci dress she wore for the shoot to wipe her hands after she finished eating some fried chicken she ordered. That's not all for she afterwards used a Chanel dress to clean up her dog's poop. And when the time has come for her to pose for some photos, Brit refused to get help from the best hair and makeup artists in L.A. OK! had hired and was instead asking her friends to do her hair and makeup.

Brit's representative could not be reached for comment and rep for OK! refused to discuss on that matter. Well, no need to worry for we'll be sure to let you know otherwise we have to wait till next week when OK! Magazine run its story that contains a very candid conversation with the disastrous mother of two.

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