Shirley Bassey Approves Amy Winehouse for Bond

Amy Winehouse

Shirley Bassey said absolute yes on the possibility of Amy Winehouse singing the next Bond theme song.
Long time Bond song theme singer Shirley Bassey has Amy Winehouse first in the list to become her successor. The "Diamonds are Forever" singer thinks that nobody can equal Winehouse.

"There aren't many female artists of her generation with such an unusual sound," Bassey said in a statement. "I can't think of anybody better to sing the Bond theme tune."

Previously, Winehouse has caught the attention of composer David Arnold who arranged the last three 007 theme songs. He said in an interview, "Amy Winehouse did the best record of last year. I haven't asked her yet but I think she'd be good, although Bond songs can be a bit of a war zone."

Arnold also informed that the next spy flick is almost finished with the script. The film that has "Bond 22" as the working title will see what happens to Bond after "Casino Royale".

British import Winehouse receives worldwide exposure these last two years with her single "Rehab" from the album "Back to Black" (2006). Through the song, she recently received MOJO Honours List for Song of the Year.

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