Lionsgate Deals with "Frakenhood"

Frakenhood picture

Lionsgate Films will distribute a comedic feature titled "Frakenhood", the first film to come from Anvil Studios and Content Foundry Partners.
Drawing in a seemingly promising project under its banner, Lionsgate Films has come onboard to distribute comedy flick "Frankenhood", the first film production of Anvil Studios in association with Content Foundry Partners.

Already completed principal photography over the weekend, the movie centers on two morgue workers eager to win a local street-ball tourney. Their chances are zero to none until they enlist a large corpse who has been brought back to life by a surly mad scientist.

Cast members include DeRay Davis, Charlie Murphy, Jasper Redd, Drew Sidora, Angell Conwell, Hassan Johnson, Danny Cistone, and kickboxing athlete Bob Sapp. Assuming director's seat is music video helmer Blaxwell Smart with Dan Filie as the screenwriter and Morgan Gendel plus Jeremy and Jonas Littman serving as the producers.

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