"Bryan" Filmmakers Receive Threat

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A group claiming themselves "The Right Phoenix" has sent a threatening letter demanding filmmakers of "Bryan Loves You" to stop working on the movie.
Boldly bringing up the true story of horrifying tragedy involving a cult that occurred in Arizona back in 1993, filmmakers of "Bryan Loves You" is facing a threat from a group purporting to have connections to the actual cult portrayed in the movie.

Calling themselves "The Right Phoenix", the group sent a typed letter to Landau Motion Pictures' L.A. address, accusing that the story presented in the picture is "a direct assault" on them and demanding the studio to cease any progress on the project.

Regarding this matter, writer/director Seth Landau appears to go unaffected with the intimidation, stating that the company "will not be bullied" while remarking that the letter was forwarded to the appropriate parties.

Already completed filming process last week with George Wendt, Tiffany Shepis, and Daniel Roebuck starring plus Tony Todd as the narrator, "Bryan Loves You" depicts the terror spread by members of a cult worshipping a man named Bryan upon failing to convert people to follow them. Landau Motion Pictures, which is currently holding negotiations for the film's worldwide distribution rights, has just launched an official trailer for the flick that can now be viewed here.

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