"Spidey" Story Continues Up to Part Six!

Spider-Man 3 picture

Director Sam Raimi has revealed that there will be a fourth, five, and sixth installment of "Spider-Man" film series.
Well, it's definitely more than just good news for the fans of Marvel Comics' superhero out there. "Spider-Man" series director Sam Raimi has confirmed at the Los Angeles press junket on Friday, April 20 that Sony Pictures will continue the mega-hit franchise up to the sixth installment.

The famed filmmaker, however, has been noted to remark that he has not had time to think of any involvement and doesn't want to presume Sony would want him to direct while saying there has to be a good story to tell and that "it'd be very hard to say goodbye to 'Spider Man.'"

First came up in 2002, "Spider-Man" film series so far has racked up total gross of $777.3 million in domestic market only, the first part contributing $403.7 million while the second $373.6 million. The third one, "Spider-Man 3", will be commercially released in the States in both conventional and IMAX theaters on May 4 with its U.S. premiere taking place at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival on April 30.

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