Ridley Scott Nurtures "Child 44"

Child 44 picture

English filmmaker Ridley Scott is in charge to helm a new thriller from Fox 2000 entitled "Child 44" based on a novel by Tom Rob Smith.
Preparing to see his latest directing effort "American Gangster" make its way in theaters November this year, Ridley Scott has come onboard to direct Fox 2000 's new thriller "Child 44" with Scott Free to produce.

Based on Tom Rob Smith's upcoming debut novel of the same name, the picture is set in Stalinist Russia and centers on an officer in the secret police who is framed by a colleague for treason. On the run with his emotionally estranged wife, the man unexpectedly encounters a series of child killings which then prompts him to have his own rogue investigation, even though it means risking his own capture.

Scott, a graduate of London's Royal College of Art, initially worked at BBC before making his break in Hollywood through "Alien" to then receive three Oscar nominations, each for his efforts in "Thelma & Louise", "Gladiator", and "Black Hawk Down." After "Gangster", he next will helm "Body of Lies" which Oscar-winning scribe William Monahan wrote for Warner Bros. Pictures.

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