John Cusack and Sean Hayes Provide Aids for "Igor"

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John Cusack and Sean Hayes have both agreed to lend their voices to Exodus Film Group's animated film "Igor."
Stellar names keep flowing down for "Igor" despite its burgeoning list of cast lineup. Following recent inclusions of Jay Leno and Jennifer Coolidge, Exodus Film Group has smoothly had John Cusack and Sean Hayes onboard to lend their voices to its CG-animated feature.

Cusack reportedly will replace Christian Slater to voice the titular character, a hunch-backed assistant to a mad scientist named Dr. Glickenstein. Meanwhile Hayes is billed to fill the voice of Brian the Brain, a brain in a jar who is one of Igor's sidekicks and inventions.

In charge to direct is animated veteran Tony Leondis who will helm the movie from script penned by Chris McKenna with John D. Eraklis producing and Max Howard executive producing. The Weinstein Company has been confirmed to distribute the picture as it gets released on October 24, 2008.

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