Is Mischa Barton Romancing Jamie Dornan?

Mischa Barton is reportedly romancing Keira Knightley's ex Jamie Dornan.
Has Mischa Barton found her new love? If rumors on the street are to be believed, the actress is romancing Jamie Dornan.

Speculation on their romance sparked shortly after they were spotted together in London earlier this week, during which the actress was seen leaving an Arcade Fire gig in Brixton on Wednesday night March 14th with Dornan's companion.

Barton, a former star of "The O.C." recently split with her boyfriend Cisco Adler after naked pictures of him leaked onto the Internet.

Elsewhere, Dornan who is a Northern Irish supermodel, musician, and film actor, split from Keira Knightley, his girlfriend of two years, in late 2005.

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