Mike Myers Working on Three Big Screen Projects

"Austin Powers" star Mike Myers is reportedly on his way to develop three new projects into the big screen, one of them being "How to Survive a Robot Uprising."
Mike Myers sure knows how to keep himself busy for months ahead. The New York Times has revealed that the funnyman has already had three new film projects in his hand which include two comedies about a relationship guru and office worker under siege by robots also a drama revolving around Keith Moon, known as the deceased drummer of The Who.

Among these three, the first one seems to be Myers' priority at the moment as his agent, David O'Connor, has openly stated that there were two completed drafts of the script along with advanced discussions with Paramount Pictures and the possibility of sequels.

"He's a love guru," O'Connor said of the central character. "He's somebody who's become an expert on relationships. That's what leads me to think that if it works, it can be a franchise. The guru can be thrust into all kinds of situations in that regard."

As for the second, it has been reported that the project will be titled "How to Survive a Robot Uprising" and made based on Daniel H. Wilson's survival guide book of the same name with Mike De Luca set to produce. The first draft of the flick has already been completed by "Reno 911" co-creators Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, but it is still unclear yet whether the writing will be used for the script.

Meanwhile, in bringing up the third one to the surface, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Donald Margulies has been attached to pen the screenplay with Myers to likely portray Moon as the movie's producer Roger Daltrey, who is also The Who's lead singer, intends to.

"Roger's dream has always been to have Mike do the role," said Nigel Sinclair, a partner in Daltrey's Spitfire Pictures production company also a co-producer of the untitled feature. "He saw Mike as the creative force for pulling the project together, with help from us."

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