"Nativity" Premieres Without Pope

Nativity Story, The picture

Pope Benedict XVI has turned down the invitation to attend the premiere of "The Nativity Story" in Vatican.
Amid the pride that arises following the successful attempt of "The Nativity Story" to have its premiere in the Vatican, gloomy news has come to the surface as it is reported that Pope Benedict XVI has turned down an invitation to attend the film's screening set to be held on Sunday, November 26.

Speculations then are abuzz that the refusal has something to do with Keisha Castle-Hughes, who plays Jesus' mother Mary in the picture. It is said that the fact she is pregnant and unmarried has embarrassed the Catholic Church and so, leads the Pope opting to not attend the premiere in turn.

However, a Vatican spokesperson firmly insists the absence is merely because Pope has already had a planned visit to Turkey.

"The surprise would have been if he had (attended)," the person added.

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