Rob Cohen Provoking "Rage & Fury"

"XXX" helmer Rob Cohen will direct a film feature titled "Rage & Fury" featuring martial arts superstar Bruce Lee.
This could be one unusual project martial arts fans can look forward to.

Production Weekly reported that director Rob Cohen has been tapped to direct action feature "Rage & Fury" featuring the legendary Bruce Lee. It is still unclear yet, however, what way Cohen will use to bring back the famed martial arts master onscreen knowing that he passed away more than thirty years ago.

For Cohen, the picture will mark the second time he is doing a Lee film after his 1993 biographical film work of the superstar, "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", starring Jason Scott Lee. In the meantime, duo Gustin Nash and Jesse Cale are on duty to pen the script with an eye for a late 2007 release.

Cohen, a Harvard University graduate, last directed action thriller "Stealth" for Columbia Pictures. Often makes an uncredited appearance in his directorial efforts, the man next is assigned to helm "Big Bosoms and Square Jaws", a romantic drama flick coming from Broken Road Productions.

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