Paul Scheuring Conducting "The Experiment"

Experiment, The picture

"Prison Break" creator Paul Scheuring is on duty to write and direct remake feature "The Experiment."
Seems Paul Scheuring can't stay far from screen work related with prison. Known to be the creator of Fox TV series "Prison Break", the man is set to both write and direct a film project titled "The Experiment" for Inferno Entertainment.

Slated to be developed as a taut psychological thriller, the movie is a remake of German picture titled "Das Experiment" directed by Oliver Hirshbeigel and will begin production in next spring with Bill Johnson and Jim Seibel seating as producers.

One of the most disturbing and effective thrillers of the last few years, the original 'Experiment' was loosely based on the Stanford University prison psychology tests carried in the '70s. Story focuses on a random group of men chosen to be turned into either jailers or prisoners who get out of control as they get immersed in their roles.

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