Joan Chen Advancing toward "Lust, Caution"

Lust, Caution picture

Chinese actress Joan Chen has been added to the cast of Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution."
Bringing more highlights to Ang Lee's latest project of "Lust, Caution", Joan Chen has given her agreement to join the cast of the picture, Lee's assistant David Lee has confirmed through an e-mail sent to The Associated Press Saturday, September 9.

Doing so, Chen then will be billed as the wife of an intelligence official named Mr. Yi played by talented Hong Kong actor Tony Leung. The movie itself, based on a short story by famed Chinese author Eileen Chang, revolves around a bunch of patriotic student who develop plan assassinating the intelligence chief in the Japanese-backed Chinese government during the World War II era.

A native of Shanghai, Chen is best known in the West for her performance in "The Last Emperor" (1987). Her upcoming film credits include "The Home Song Stories", "Tonight at Noon", and "K-Town Super Frog."

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