Paramount Plunges into "Death Race"

Death Race picture

Paramount Picture is developing a remake of "Death Race 2000" titled "Deathrace 3000."
Film remake apparently is still be seen as a profitable project in the industry as Paramount Pictures has set to bring up "Death Race", a remake of the 1975 flick entitled "Death Race 2000", on the big screen.

While cast remains a big question, the studio has appointed Paul W.S. Anderson to both direct and write the movie, the latter task to be carried out alongside J.F. Lawton. In the meantime, Anderson will also take the producer's seat, lining up with the likes of Jeremy Bolt and Roger Corman who has been known to be the producer of the original version.

Hailed from England, Anderson initially began his journey in show business as the lead writer of an ITV's series entitled "El C.I.D" before making his directorial debut through "Shopping" (1994). Some of his well-known works include "Mortal Kombat" (1995) "Resident Evil" (2002), and "Alien vs. Predator" (2004).

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