"Blood Diamond" Caused Stir in Gem Industry

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"The Blood Diamond" encountered complaints from a group of gem industry officials concerning its depiction on "conflicts diamond."
Considered to be a potential factor to hurt jewelry sales and the livelihoods of people in Africa due to its dramatic depiction of the so-called "conflict diamonds", upcoming Warner Bros. drama of "Blood Diamond" has received complaints from a group of gem industry officials such as World Federation of Diamond Bourses and World Diamond Council.

Noticing that the movie tells about the awful tragedy in Sierra Leone where 50,000 people perished in a civil war that ended in 2002, the industry executives in response demanded the flick's producer, co-writer, and director to add a scene at the end of the movie telling about improvements that have been made after the incident so that public wouldn't be left thinking the situation is still in chaos.

"The WDC and its coalition are urging the studio and the filmmakers to present this story in the proper historical context so they can relate how conflict diamonds have improved since then," so World Diamond Council spokesman Carson Butler has stated. Following this, a joint letter from WDC has been sent to director Edward Zwick as the film's helmer asking for the inclusion of information about Kimberly Process, a system of certification established in 2002 that has been intended to put an end to the conflict.

However, it seems that Zwick isn't paying much heed to the matter though he in fact is indeed aware of the system. "The movie details the events of 1999 and are facts are in order," he told E! Online. "And we're not negotiating with anyone as to the content of our movie and we'll make the movie as we see fit."

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