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  • Secret in Their Eyes
    • Genre : Thriller, Drama, Crime
    • Release Date :
    • MPAA Rating : PG-13
    • Duration : 111 minute(s)
    • Production Budget : 20
    • Studio : STX Entertainment
    • Official Site :
    • Reviews Rate
      Not quite bad, but it's not recommended either.

    • Readers Rate
      4 of 5

Movie Reviews

  • the story lacks the same intensity of the original. Not that everyone will have seen the first one. Those who have will almost certainly find the new version lacking. Those who haven't will find a solid mystery, nothing more
    3 of 5 by Bill Goodykoontz [Arizona Republic ]
  • the mood that Secret in Their Eyes is going for... is anything but rosy. As the story works its way toward its twisty climax - an ending that hews closely to the one in Juan Jose Campanella's original, El Secreto de Sus Ojos - things get grim, indeed
    2 of 4 by Steven Rea [Philadelphia Inquirer ]
  • the Americanized version is miscast, misguided and misbegotten
    1.5 of 5 by Peter Travers [Rolling Stone ]
  • rather than go to the effort to tell an exciting new story, too often the default position is to retell an old one, almost invariably to lesser effect
    2 of 4 by Peter Howell [Toronto Star ]
  • as the movie wears on, the plot points become increasingly far-fetched, and what started out as a moody if by-the-book thriller becomes increasingly silly
    1.5 of 4 by Stephanie Merry [Washington Post ]
  • a tattered copy that has lost a lot in translation
    2.5 of 4 by Colin Covert [Minneapolis Star Tribune ]

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