Radiohead Trivia
  1. Were ranked number 73 in Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the greatest artists in history in 2005.

  2. Because Thom Yorke dominated the lyric and music writing, it wa often thought as a one band man, but Yorke said "We operate like the UN, and I'm America."

  3. Their songs like 'Airbag', 'Stupid Car' and 'Killer Cars' are inspired by Thom Yorke's car accident that made him traumatized by car.

  4. Denied that 'Hail to the Thief' was a reference to the controversial 2000 American presidential election, explaining that he first heard the phrase during a Radio 4 discussion of John Quincy Adams.

  5. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood originally joined as a keyboard player.

  6. At first named their band 'On a Friday' because they were only allowed to use the school's studio on Fridays.

  7. Their album "OK Computer" was chosen the 4th Greatest Album of All Time in a major music poll organized by the book of "British Hit Singles and Albums" and music website, while their other set "The Bends" was chosen the 10th (June 2006).