Paul Walker
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Paul Walker

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Birth Name
Paul William Walker IV
Birth Date
Sep 12, 1973
Birth Place
Glendale, California, USA
Paul Walker Trivia
  1. Was offered the cast Jim Street in "S.W.A.T" (2003) but turned it down. Colin Farrell later on took the part.

  2. Worked with actor Scott Caan in three different movies, "Varsity Blues" (1999), "Life Makes Sense If You're Famous" (2002), and "Into the Blue" (2005).

  3. Dislikes watching himself on screen, so he only watches his movies once.

  4. Did modeling before becoming a movie star.

  5. Doing a lot of surfing in Huntington Beach near his house in California.

  6. Loves traveling so much. He has been to India, Fiji and Costa Rica.

  7. Owns a pet dog named Zero and a horse named Cowboy.

  8. Owns the Nissan Skyline R34, the same car that he used in "2 Fast 2 Furious" (2003).

  9. Is mad about automobile that he refers himself as a "total gear head".

  10. Listed as one of the 50 Most Beautiful Persons in the World by People magazine in 2001.

  11. Is a big fan of Marine Biologist Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

  12. Is good friend with the twin actresses, Kylie Tyndall and Keaton Tyndall.

  13. His daughter Meadow Rain lives in Hawaii with her mother, Paul's ex-girlfriend.

  14. His grandfather William Walker alias "Irish" Billy Walker was a professional boxer.

  15. Is of Irish descent.