Lucy Liu Trivia
  1. Served as a host in an MTV documentary for the MTV EXIT campaign in 2007 which was made to raise awareness of human trafficking in Asia.

  2. Became the first Asian-American female to host "Saturday Night Live" when she appeared on the show in 2000.

  3. Lost out to Jennifer Garner when auditioning for the role of Elektra Natchios in "Daredevil" (2003).

  4. At one time worked as a waitress in Michigan.

  5. Can play accordion.

  6. Is very fluent in speaking Mandarin Chinese also Italian language.

  7. Ranked 8th on's list of Sexiest Movie Assassins for her portrayal in the 2002 "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" (April 2007).

  8. Attended Ashton Kutcher's and Demi Moore's wedding held in 2005.

  9. Was selected as a U.S. Fund for UNICEF Ambassador by year 2005.

  10. Was referenced in OutKast's #1 hit single of "Hey Ya" in 2003.

  11. Joined an audition for a role in "Shanghai Knights" (2003), but was beaten by Fann Wong.

  12. Boldly performed over a month in a Los Angeles strip club to prepare for her role as an exotic dancer in "City of Industry" (1997).

  13. Received a grant to study art in China by 1993.

  14. Is a gifted artist and her collection of art pieces were once exhibited at the Cast Iron Gallery in SoHo in early '80s and also in Venice, California.

  15. Has endorsed for the Intel Inside Centrino advertisement.

  16. Practices Kali-Eskrima-Silat which is the martial arts of knife-and-stick fighting.

  17. Her character in "Ally McBeal" was written specially for her after writer David E. Kelley was impressed with her performance during the audition for the role of Nelle Porter.

  18. Is the good friend of Rhea Perlman, Danny DeVito, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore. She has become close with the latter two since "Charlie's Angels" (2000).

  19. Was born on the same date and month with Britney Spears.

  20. Is a member of Chi Omega Fraternity.

  21. Enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and horseback riding.

  22. Once had a job as an aerobics instructor.