Johnny Knoxville Trivia
  1. Scored two nominations at Teen Choice Awards, one was for TV - Choice Personality category in 2001 and the other was the Favorite TV Personality category in 2003.

  2. Was torn between Comedy Central and MTV which both wanted to sign deal with him, but he later chose the latter one and thus "Jackass" (2000-2002) was born.

  3. Had a severe flu, pneumonia, and bronchitis at the same time when he was eight years old and nearly died because of them. He also suffered from asthma.

  4. Earned a nomination at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards in the category of Best Comedic Performance through his performance in "Jackass: The Movie" (2002).

  5. Obtained a role in "Grand Theft Parsons" (2003) after Hugh Jackman gave it up because of prior commitments.

  6. Had been knocked unconscious for three times during the filming of "Jackass: The Movie" (2002). He also has a scar on his head for being punched in the same film.

  7. Was reportedly offered a part in "Saturday Night Live" (1975), but he turned it down.

  8. Has a tattoo of his daughter's name, Madison, on his left chest.

  9. Bought a cabin from Johnny Cash right before the veteran star died.

  10. Stood in front of the whole students of his high school to sing the song from "Ferris Bueler's Day Off" (1986) and once had played Danny Zucho in a chorus production of "Grease."

  11. Has made a false report card with failing grades that was left out for his parents to discover at the age of 13 whereas he actually earned straight A in his school subjects.

  12. Owns a production company called Dickhouse Productions.

  13. Had appeared in the commercials of Taco Bell, Coors Light, and Mountain Dew before his acting career took off.

  14. Has a nickname of PJ and Johnny Jackass.