George Clooney Biography

Secured the 6th place in Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year list by 2006, movie star George Clooney was next tapped to star in "Michael Clayton." Of thriller genre, which Tony Gilroy wrote and directing, the flick centers on a New York attorney who learns that after 15 years of cleaning up his high profile clients problems, they can come back to haunt you, in what will be the last and worst days of his career. Cast alongside Tom Wilkinson, Tilda Swinton and Sydney Pollack, Clooney also was giving hand at producing.

Kept busy with the principal photography of the project which was begun in January the same year, he gloriously picked the fruit of his hard work in film industry when his name was mentioned to bring home the award for Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture category through his film "Syriana" at the 63rd annual Golden Globe Awards held in the 16th date of the same month and year. On March 6th the same year, Clooney scored another winning for the same movie when he gloriously nabbed the Supporting-Actor award at the 78th annual Academy Awards. "I didn't really work on anything (ie speech) because I thought there were four others who were going to win, so... strange." So the actor said on his winning.

Born on May 6, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, George Timothy Clooney is notable as an American film and television actor who probably best known for his former role in the long-running television drama "ER" (1994-1999). His father, Nick Clooney, was a TV newscaster of many years who hosted a talk show at Cincinnati and often invited George to the studio since he was 5 years old, which might become one reasonable factor influencing George to and can be a famous actor just the way he does.

Got a few years education at Northern Kentucky University, George then dropped out and decided to study acting at The Beverly Hills Playhouse. After sometimes, he came to acting for his very first time that was when his cousin, actor Migguel Ferrer, got him a small part in a feature film. In 1982 he moved to Los Angeles and spent a whole year worked hard to get a role while he slept in his friend's closet. This sacrifices worth George his first role in his first movie where he played together with Charlie Sheen. Though his first film stayed unreleased, still his acting could successfully catch producers' attention who soon got him for some contracts.

The deals preceded George's first steady TV role in the medical sitcom "E/R," which production was based in Chicago, before within the next ten years he's been chosen to play in the popular NBC serial drama, "ER," primarily set in a teaching hospital's emergency room, the fictional County General Hospital based loosely off Cook County General, a real hospital on Division Street in Chicago, Illinois. Besides, he was also popular for playing the main role in several other movies, one of them was "Batman and Robin," a 1997 movie sequel to the 1989 "Batman" movie, "Batman Returns" (1992) and "Batman Forever" (1995) where he portrayed Batman and his co-star, Chris O'Donnell, returning as Robin. Another movie, for which he was well known was the 1998's "Out of Sight" that revolves around the relationship of a serial bank robber Jack Foley, played by George, with a U.S. marshal Karen Sisco, played by Jennifer Lopez, who is forced to share her car trunk during the bank robber's escape from a Florida prison.

Next, George played in "Ocean's Eleven" (2001) that pictures him as Daniel Ocean who along with his pals plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos: the Bellagio, Mirage and MGM Grand, all of which store their money in a central, hi-tech vault. All three casinos are owned by Terry Benedict, the man currently dating Ocean's ex-wife, Tess Roberts. The robbers foil the elaborate security mechanisms to get to the vault with the casino's money, and escape by disguising themselves as the SWAT team. In early 2004, George went on playing "Ocean's Eleven" sequel entitled "Ocean's Twelve," released in the United States on December 10, 2004 starring in it also Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon.

Besides those famous movies, George had also played in such movies, as "Return of the Killer Tomatoes" (1988); "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996); "One Fine Day" (1996); "Three Kings" (1999); "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (2000); "The Perfect Storm" (2000); "Welcome to Collinwood" (2002) and "Intolerable Cruelty" (2004). To add his achievement, in 2002 he made his debut as a film director producing "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," an adaptation of the implausible autobiography of groundbreaking TV producer Chuck Barris.

George once gets married and forms a family with Talia Balsam whom he married on December 15, 1989 and divorced with in September 1993. Since then he had several romances with some women, including Celine Balitran, Renee Zellweger and Mariella Frostrup and he had in 2004 broke up with girlfriend Krista Allen. In June 2005, he decided to end his romance with English model/TV presenter Lisa Snowdon, claiming his "tendency to be a workaholic" and Snowdon's refusal to leave Britain have caused their romance has "nowhere to go" and thus both of them came up with the break up decision. Remained single for quite sometime, the hunk then gave his heart to former cocktail waitress Sarah Larson, whom he began dating in September 2007. Later that month, on date 21st, Clooney and Larson unfortunately were involved in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey. The motorcycle he was riding in with her was hit by a car. The accident had resulted in broken rib and road rash for Clooney and two broken toes for Larson. Both were treated and released from the Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen, New Jersey. No charges were brought against him and the car's driver though.

2005 saw a big leap of success for him in the movie industry. Beside starring in the political thriller 'Syriana', he went back helming a biopic for journalist Edward R. Murrow in 'Good Night And Good Luck'. Both films earned him not only a box-office success but also nominations from 78th Academy Awards. He became the first actor in Oscar history to receive nominations for both acting and directing at the same year. His role as Bob Barnes in 'Syriana' won him 'Best Supporting Actor', while the experience in 'Good Luck and Good Night' opened up a new path. The actor said that he would like to focus more on being a director for the role gave him a more secure place in the coming years, which acting won't possibly give. Seemingly enjoying the political setback, Clooney took the role of Captain Jacob 'Jake' Geismer who lived through World War II in 'The Good German', but it was the third sequel of Ocean adventure that brought him to the surface again. 'Ocean's Thirteen' (2007) reunited the members of the 'expert thieves' in a more complicated plot.

After the con flick, he teamed up with Bourne trilogy writer Tony Gilroy to produce 'Michael Clayton' (2007). Clooney both starred as the title role and produced the film. He had completed 'Leatherheads' that also stars Renee Zellweger and will release it simultaneously with 'Burn After Reading' in 2008.