Darren Hayes

  • Darren Hayes
    • Famous as : Singer
    • Birth Name : Darren Stanley Hayes
    • Birth Date : May 08, 1972
    • Birth Place : Logan City,Brisbane, Australia
    • Spouse : Colby Hayes Taylor (1994 - 2000), Richard Cullen (since 19-Jun-06)
    • Claim to Fame : Album "Spin" (2002)

Darren Hayes Biography

Darren Stanley Hayes could probably be categorized as one of the most successful young Australian singers and songwriters. He's been interested in music since he was child and often held performances witnessed by his supportive mother. He began his musical career joining an audition seeking for a vocalist for the local band named "Red Edge" in which Daniel Jones was one of its personnel. Surprisingly, Darren was accepted although he thought his voice was awfully bad at that time, as he had said on Rosie O Donnel's November 1999 show: "I sang about three keys higher and my voice split, but I think out of sheer bravery, I got the job."

Thus, in 1996, together with Daniel, Darren established their own band "Savage Garden," a unique name taken from Anne Rice's novel entitled "Vampire Chronicles." The band became hugely popular and was a worldwide success with its phenomenal singles, such as "Truly, Madly, Deeply", "I Want You", and "I Knew I Loved You." Nevertheless, the band split in 2001 after releasing two amazing albums which have been sold for more than 20 million copies around the world.

Darren Hayes Biography

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