Supernanny Synopsis

Families across America are calling for help with their children. The one and only Jo Frost answers those calls, and changes their lives forever.

We first meet the family while they introduce themselves in their submission video - though admittedly, some of these folks give us chills with regards to parenting! But while many of us would run away at the thought of dealing with these situations, Jo dives straight into the chaos.

Arriving in her personalized Supernanny taxi, Jo gives us the sense of security that everything will be better. Now, you'd think just the entrance of the English nanny would bring out the best behavior in the family, but we're continuously shocked to see how much help these people need.

From tantrums to timeouts, Supernanny gives us an all-access look into families to determine the very root of each unit's problems. Jo identifies these, and corrects both the thinking and approaches of parenting for the family. After meticulously watching every parent employ her rules and techniques, Jo lets the family try them out on their own for a few days.

The revisit is the most rewarding for us, because we get to see the direct payoff from Jo's advice. The parents' attitudes change from despair to elation in the course of one episode. While we may not have children like the ones in these particular families, as viewers, we're given techniques and advice that may help us in the future with our own kids.