Episode 1.21 : Something Old, Something New

  • Whitney
    • Episode Premiere : March 21, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Stuber Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/whitney/

Cast and Crew

The Story

"That is much better," Whitney tells Alex as he walks out of the bedroom buttoning up an old flannel shirt. Whitney had Alex change his shirt because he's heading to a bachelor party at a strip club and she doesn't want any of his good clothes covered in glitter and Kim Kardashian perfume. Whitney doesn't understand strip clubs, but she's fine with Alex going, "let someone else pretend to enjoy bouncing up and down on you for the night." As Alex is about to leave, Whitney hits him with one rule for the night: he is not allowed to go inside a private champagne room for a private dance.

Mark is at a bar watching Roxanne trying unsuccessfully to pick up a hot guy. "Dude, if you want to run, now's your chance," Mark says to the guy, who quickly leaves Roxanne behind. Mark tells Roxanne that she was telling him all the wrong things. A guy doesn't want to know you earn more money than he does or that you've frozen your eggs. "It was over from the moment that you bought him a drink." He tells Roxanne that she needs to change her whole game. She's not in her twenties anymore; guys actually listen to what she says. On the other side of the bar, Lily and Neal check out cute guys. Neal sees one he thinks is really cute, but Lily quickly shoots him down. She is purposely not helping him find a guy because she's feeling a little awkward about their new relationship dynamic since the breakup and his coming out.

Alex enters the apartment completely drunk from a wild night at the strip club. "Guess who's back!" Alex yells out as he stumbles around, waking up Whitney. "Aw, you went to a Gentleman's Club and came back a gentleman," Whitney jokes. "Why won't you marry me?" Alex suddenly asks Whitney as he tries to steady himself on her. Soon Alex stumbles to his knee and drunkenly proposes to Whitney, who helps him back up and carries him to bed to sleep off his inebriated night.

The next day, Whitney arrives home to find a drastically hungover Alex. She asks Alex if he wants to talk about last night, but he has trouble remembering what he said. Whitney reassures him she's not freaked out about what he said, so Alex freely admits that he went to the champagne room. Whitney is taken aback; she was talking about the wedding proposal, but now Alex has revealed that he did the one thing she specifically asked him not to do. Alex tries to apologize when Whitney finds a matchbook from the strip club with a woman's name and number written on it. Alex can't explain who the woman is, and Whitney angrily walks out of the apartment.

Alex paces back and forth in Mark's apartment trying to remember what he did at the strip club the night before. He shows Mark the matchbook with the name and number that Whitney found. He calls the number to find answers but finds a jewelry store on the other line, not a stripper. Suddenly Alex remembers what he did last night and rushes out to find Whitney. "You slept with a godless slut?" Mark asks. "No," Alex replies, "I proposed to one."

Mark gives dating advice to Roxanne as Lily and Neal listen in. "I'm not taking dating advice from someone who refers to woman as swag," Roxanne fires back. Mark tells Roxanne she needs to let her guard down so she can show guys the sexy emotional woman underneath all the barbed wire and mom jeans. He sits her down and tells her to practice picking up a guy on him. She starts opening up to Mark, telling him how they have both felt a certain way for each other for some time, and it's time to act on those urges. Mark is sucked into Roxanne's sexiness, as she suddenly pulls back, satisfied she can still turn any man into putty.

Whitney enters the strip club Alex was at the night before to confront Britnee, the stripper who left the number on the matchbook. She asks Britnee if Alex did anything inappropriate with her, to which Britnee quickly replies, "If he was here, he did something inappropriate with me." Whitney soon realizes that she is letting her fears gets the best of her. Alex is a good guy who would never intentionally hurt her, but she's been burned so many times in the past that there's something in her that refuses to accept happiness. Suddenly Alex rushes in and is caught in the middle of Whitney and his stripper from last night.

At a bar, Neal and Mark watch Roxanne flirting with a hot guy. Mark starts to realize that he's a little bit jealous of that guy and he might have feelings for Roxanne. Later, Neal and Lily watch a hot guy purposely walk past them multiple times; he's checking Lily out. Lily goes up to the man and tries to hit on him, but she finds out he's more interested in Neal than her. It seems that their post breakup relationship is starting to get a little awkward.

At the strip club, Whitney apologizes to Alex. "Old Whitney" resurfaced and became extremely jealous and suspicious for no reason; "it's pathetic," she tells him. Alex corrects her; it's not as pathetic as forgetting that you proposed to your girlfriend while you were drunk. "The next time I propose to you, I promise I'll do it right," Alex says. Whitney asks Alex what he's waiting for; there is no time like the present. Then in the middle of the strip club, Alex gets down on one knee and opens his heart to Whitney and asks for her hand in marriage. With tears in her eyes, Whitney accepts and quickly embraces her new fiance.

"How much longer do I have to sit out here?" Whitney asks as she drinks champagne in bed. "You said yes, so... till death." Alex responds. He exits the bathroom to music and starts to strip dance for Whitney. "We are in the champagne room, baby," Alex says over Whitney's laughter. "And I am a sexy helicopter of love and I'm coming in for a landing." As Alex dances for Whitney, they quickly embrace and enjoy the start of the next phase of their relationship.






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