Episode 1.20 : G-Word

  • Whitney
    • Episode Premiere : March 14, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Stuber Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/whitney/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Whitney, Roxanne and Lily relax at a bar when a waitress delivers a drink to Lily. "I didn't order another drink," Lily quickly tells the waitress. "It's from the bartender," the waitress replies. Lilly says she understands the concept of where drinks come from, but she didn't order one. Whitney jumps in to tell Lily that the bartender was hitting on her. "He knows you're single now and he sees you hanging out with us, so he knows you make bad decisions." Lily blushes from the fact that someone is hitting on her but feels it's too soon to start dating again. "How long are you supposed to wait after a breakup?" Lily asks. Whitney tells her you can start dating as soon as the relationship is over, even if you haven't broken up yet. The ladies wonder if Neal has begun dating, but Lily doesn't know because he hasn't been answering her text, calls, emails... "Never in the history of man have there been so many ways to ignore a person."

Whitney arrives home and asks Alex and Mark if Neal has begun dating. Even though they are really close to Neal, they don't know; they never actually talk to him. Mark and Alex have been watching a basketball game for the past two hours and they haven't said one word to each other; it's just the man's way. Alex believes Lily and Neal might get back together; they seemed like the perfect couple. Whitney is in shock that Alex would believe that; all Lily and Neal did was fight. "No, that would be us," Alex shoots back. "We don't fight," Whitney tells Alex. "I teach you things." Whitney now believes that Alex has a horrible sense of observation, as she turns him around and finds out he can't even remember what type of clothes she is wearing or the color of her eyes. Whitney decides that they need to head over to Neal's apartment so they can find out if Neal's back in the dating world.

Whitney and Alex surprise Neal at his apartment. Neal seems a little apprehensive about letting them in, but they barge in anyway. "Are we interrupting something?" Whitney asks as she notices Neal's table is set with place settings for two. Neal tells them he's just having dinner with a work friend, as he runs back to the kitchen to check on his lamb. Whitney whispers to Alex that Neal's on a date, as a good-looking guy exits the bathroom. "Whitney thought we were interrupting a date," Alex says laughing, thinking that Neal really is having a work dinner. Whitney see's the awkwardness on Neal's face and quickly grabs Alex by the arm and leaves the apartment.

"Neal was on a date with a guy!" Whitney tries to explain to Alex and Roxanne as they sit at a bar. Alex doesn't believe it; he takes Neal for his word that they were just work friends having dinner, but Roxanne is enthralled by the revelation. Alex fights back that Whitney is making an assumption; just because lamb with rosemary was cooking in the oven doesn't make them gay. "The line between gay guy and vain straight guy is gone," Roxanne says as they try to remember any clues to help them prove their theory. Whitney wants to tell Lily about what's going on, but Alex and Roxanne argue that they need to find out the truth before they start saying anything that might hurt Lily.

"We need to talk," Neal says to Whitney as he storms into her apartment. He knows she picked up on something last night and he wants to set her straight. "Am I gay?" he asks Whitney, unsure of the answer himself. He really loved Lily; but then he met Steven at work, and he feels a strong connection to him. "The fact that you are choosing to share this with me is proof of how confused you really are," Whitney quickly interjects as she walks up to Neal and hugs him. "I never felt your skin before," Neal says. "It's so cold." Neal explains to Whitney that he grew up in a conservative family, and he never had an option or chance to explore his sexuality. Now he's worried what his sexual confusion will do to Lily if she ever found out. "She freaked out when I told her 'The Hills' was fake."

"Hey, dude," Neal says to Alex as he nervously summons the courage to tell him the truth. When Neal finally does, Alex stands up and offers Neal a "cool" and a beer. "That's it?" Whitney asks in shock to his quick response to a huge revelation. "You want me to offer him an appletini?" Alex asks as he completely accepts Neal for everything he is with no judgments. Suddenly Mark and Roxanne walk in, and Neal is now faced with telling the truth to everyone. "Are you coming out of the closet?" Mark jokes to lighten the noticeably nervous mood, but soon he realizes that's exactly what Neal is doing. Roxanne and Mark awkwardly give their shocked responses but tell Neal they are his friends and are there to support him. "The G word is supposed to mean happy," Mark tells Neal, "and right now I'm so gay for you."

Now Neal has to tell Lily, but he doesn't know how. Whitney has the idea to have a dinner party the next night and have everyone there to support Lily just in case she has a nervous breakdown. Neal feels it might be too soon to tell Lily, but Alex warns him it's best to do it now rather then later because Roxanne and Mark can't keep a secret and Whitney is mouth. "You've never complained about that before," Whitney fires back at Alex as they all agree on the dinner party.

The next night, Alex and Mark set the table for dinner. Mark is dressed up and clean shaven in hopes of Neal finding him attractive, not because he wants to hook up with Neal, but to prove to himself he's attractive in the eyes of all sexes. Lily walks into the apartment excited; she heard Whitney was able to get Neal to come out. From the nervous faces of the group, Lily realizes they know a secret about him and aren't telling. Lily believes Neal might have a new girlfriend and goes off on the potential girl. "Is her name Jade? She one of those hot girls named after a crayon?" Soon Neal arrives and asks the group if he could have a private minute alone with Lily. They immediately rush into the bedroom and try to listen to the conversation through the closed door.

"How have you been?" Neal asks Lily as they stand alone in the apartment living room. Lily tells him she's been annoyed at him for not returning her phone calls when he suddenly reveals he might be gay. Neal tells Lily that "being in love with you was real, the attraction real, the proposal real," but when he met Steven a whole new batch of feelings came to the surface. Lily tells Neal, "I really want to hug you right now, but I also want to punch you." Lily is less upset by the fact that Neal might be gay than that she was the last one to know. She is sweet and supportive and would've helped him out anyway she could. Neal apologizes; he's just been confused and thought if he waited then he would have more answers for her. Lily tells Neal that he doesn't need to search for answers. "Your sexuality is fluid. Sometimes people fall in love with people, not genders." She doesn't hate him, but he should've come to her first because she knows him better then anyone. Besides, he is going to need her to help him lie to his mother. "Thanks, Lil. You're amazing," Neal says as relief washes over him.

Lily and Neal walk into the bedroom to find the rest of the group. They tell them everything was "straightened out," so to speak. "Now you can take that bartender up on that offer," Roxanne tells Lily, but Neal interjects by saying that bartender is "so gay." "Well, I guess I have a type," Lily laughs.






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