Episode 1.18 : Homeland Security

  • Whitney
    • Episode Premiere : March 01, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Stuber Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/whitney/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The beer and pizza flow as Roxanne and Whitney try to cheer Lily up after her wedding with Neal abruptly falls apart. Lily is dressed in her wedding gown and Roxanne and Whitney wear their bridesmaid dresses as they sit on the couch stuffing themselves and trash talking about men. Roxanne tries to get everyone to focus on the positive. Lily and Roxanne are now single at the same time; they can go crazy on the town and live the single ladies fantasy.

Neal is crashing at Mark's place as he tries to piece back together his life. Mark knows Neal's heart has been broken after the breakup with Lily, so he tries to cheer Neal up. Neal doesn't really know how he's feeling at the moment and tells Mark he just needs to sort some things out. Later, Mark tries to have Neal express his inner emotions as he looks at a picture of Lily. "I'm sensing anger, let's give it a place to go," Mark says as he tries to play therapist. Neal can't give Mark any emotion because he can't place what he's feeling into words. Mark says words are dumb; a grizzly bear processes loss by screaming out its frustration, and that's what Neal needs to do, roar like the mighty grizzly! Neal tries to change the subject, but Mark roars himself. "It feels so good!" Mark screams. He's not going to stop until Neal roars too. Neal gets up and tries to roar, but all that comes out is a peep.

Whitney holds Alex's arm as they stroll down a street at night to get some fresh air. Alex can't believe Lily and Neal broke up; they seemed like the perfect couple to him. Suddenly, a robber appears and demands all their money. Before Alex has a chance to react, Whitney darts down the street running at full speed, leaving Alex alone with the robber. "Wow," the robber exclaims as he looks at Whitney saving herself.

Alex arrives home to find Whitney already in the apartment. Alex is flabbergasted at Whitney's reaction to the mugger. "Why did you run?" he asks. "That's what you're supposed to do!" Whitney replies. Alex tells her that's exactly opposite to what you're supposed to do; even the mugger thought her reaction was weird. "Everyone knows that when a couple gets mugged, you are supposed to run in opposite directions. He can't shoot both of you!" Whitney explains. Alex tells her that they're a couple, which means they're supposed to be a team, and she just left him alone. "Can you tell me one situation where your first thought wouldn't be to run?" Alex asks. Whitney thinks about it and responds, "I guess if I had a bomb strapped to me." Alex's eyes are wide with shock. "THAT'S when you'd stay with me!?"

Roxanne wakes up in a wedding dress spooning Lily. She looks down at the white gown and notices a big red stain. "Blood or wine?" Roxanne asks Lily as she starts to freak out. "We had fun last night," Lily smiles back. Roxanne looks at her phone and realizes she drunkenly sent several text messages to some random guy named Johan. She starts to gather her things to leave, but Lily tries to get her to stay. "You're single; I'm single. Our day is free," Lily says. Roxanne reluctantly agrees to stay and hang out and then opens the bathroom door to find a bleeding Johan on the floor.

Alex opens the door to his apartment to find a blaring security alarm welcoming him home. Whitney has bought them an alarm system as a way to make sure they're prepared for all emergencies. Whitney googled escaped plans and read that the first thing they should do when there's a fire is to wake each other up, then feel the door if it's hot. If the door is hot, then they should go down the fire escape together. Later at night as Whitney sleeps, Alex starts the security alarm and yells "Fire!" Whitney quickly jumps out of bed, pushes past Alex and runs out the front door by herself, completely doing the opposite of what she said earlier. She slowly inches back into the apartment and tries to save face, but Alex doesn't give in.

"What is wrong with you? What happened to your plan and all this talk about us working together?" Alex asks Whitney as she comes back into the apartment. With this test, Alex has come to the conclusion that people are either fight or flight, and Whitney is definitely flight. Whitney can't explain her reactions. "It's like I was raised by wolves." Alex counters that wolves stay in a pact; she runs away by herself. "When it comes to emergency situations, I'm on my own," Alex surmises as he walks away.

Roxanne sits in Lily's apartment, drained from everything they've been doing together for the past few days. "I never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss being alone with my thoughts," Roxanne says. Lily is still ready for more, but Roxanne tells her she's done. She feels Lily might be trying a little too hard to keep her mind off Neal; she can't just run away from her new reality. Lily swears she's not avoiding; she's just taking advantage of her Groupons. Roxanne tells Lily that she understands what she's going through; she's been doing the same thing since Lance left. They both agree to help each other through this tough transition by moving in together.

Neal is at a bar when Mark walks up with two beautiful girls in tow. Mark introduces the ladies to Neal, but he's not in the mood to hook up with a random stranger. Mark tries to pump Neal up by saying the best way to get over Lily is to get back on the horse. Neil tells Mark that he has no pain; there should be some, but mostly he's just feeling relieved. Neil is embarrassed that he just revealed that aloud, but Mark is ecstatic. Finally, Neal is opening his feelings up to the world.

Whitney is preparing to head for bed when she tries to close the window, but a squirrel suddenly jumps inside the apartment. She watches as the squirrel scurries into the bedroom, surprising Alex, who quickly runs to the living room in fear. He hates rats and "squirrels are just sexy rats!" Whitney tries to calm him by saying they just need to create a path of food back to the open window. "Hello there, Mr. Squirrel," Whitney says as lays out a food path that the squirrel follows to freedom. "How did you know how to do that?" Alex asks. "I was raised on lots of cartoons." Whitney answers back. Whitney realizes that in that moment of panic, they worked really well as a team. Maybe their relationship isn't in such a panicked state as they previously thought.

Whitney and Alex lie in bed arguing about who would win in a race. "In high school my name was fast Whitney," Whitney reveals. Alex is positive he could beat Whitney in any foot race. "You do lots of things fast, but running is not one of them," Whitney throws back at him. Later, Whitney and Alex prepare to face off in a foot race. "On your mark, get set, go!" Alex says as they both sprint with all their might. It's a virtual dead heat as they race to the end, leaving us unsure who really won.






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