Episode 1.16 : 48 Hours

  • Whitney
    • Episode Premiere : February 15, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Stuber Productions, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/whitney/

Cast and Crew

  • Director David Trainer
  • Screenwriter John Quaintance
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Hayes MacArthur

The Story

Whitney, Alex, Lily, Neal, Roxanne and Lance all try to squeeze onto the couch of their local bar. This is the first time the whole group has been in a relationship at the same time - even Mark has a girlfriend, as they look over to the happy couple at the bar. "Aw, Mark thinks he's people," Neal jokes. The group watches as Mark suddenly breaks up with the girl. They're shocked; everyone thought it was going well. "You know what they say," Mark explains. "If you're not sure within 48 hours, you've gotta pull the rip cord." The ladies fight back that the 48-hour rule is nonsenses, but Alex chimes in that the 48-hour rule was true with his relationship with Whitney.

We flash back to 2008 at the bar where Whitney and Alex first met. It's a complete personality juxtaposition from present day as Whitney has bangs and Lily's dressed all in black. They happily drink a shot of alcohol and celebrate being single ladies in the big city. As Roxanne begins to walk over with her husband, Lance, Whitney begs Lily to be nice. Lily counters that she's always nice; it's just that Roxanne and she don't have anything in common. Lily loves to drink and party, while Roxanne is sober and defined by her relationship. Lily heads outside to smoke. "It would be so much easier if you could snort cigarettes." Outside the bar, Neal tries to get in but the bartender won't let him. As Neal tries to negotiate with the bartender, Lily tries to walk around him, but they do the "which way are you going" dance until Lily finally pushes past, completely unaware that Neal will be her fiance three years down the road.

Alex and Mark walk into the bar disappointed as they find more men then women standing around. "The prettiest girl in here is that Asian guy," Alex jokes. As they stand at the bar, Alex notices Whitney sitting by herself. "I think we struck bronze," Mark says. They decide to play rock-paper-scissors to figure out who gets the chance to hit on Whitney. Alex wins with paper covering rock. "I don't normally do this..." Alex begins as he introduces himself to Whitney. She immediately stops him with the cheesy pick-up line; it's not going to work on her. Alex responds, "I was going to say, I never do this, but I wanted to tell you I could tell from across the bar that you have a terrible personality." Whitney laughs, as they volley insults to each other until she suddenly stands up and kisses him. "She's playing hard to get," Alex jokes to himself as they leave the bar together.

The next morning, Whitney wakes up in Alex's bed and tries to quietly sneak out. Alex catches her and soon realizes she doesn't remember much about last night. "One-night stands are my jam. I just never sleep over," Whitney explains as she tries to find a way out. Alex realizes that Whitney does not remember his name, even though she called it out in passion several times last night. She apologizes and makes cliche excuse after excuse to weasel out of the apartment. Finally, Alex tells her to calm down. "You don't have to justify casual sex to a dude."

Alex is in agony as he's out on a date with a bubble-headed blonde. The waiter unexpectedly brings over an order of drinks courtesy of the woman sitting behind them. Alex turns to find Whitney on a date with a skinny tattoo artist. Soon Whitney finds the waiter standing in front of her with a basket of bread courtesy of Alex. They meet by the bathroom and begin teasing each other about the person they're dating. Alex's girl looks like a teenager while Whitney's date looks like a heroin addict. They immediately embrace and stumble into the men's restroom as they passionately grasp at each other's clothes.

Later at a bar, Whitney meets with Roxanne and Lily and tells them about her bathroom sex romp with Alex. She suddenly gets a text message from Alex. "I miss you," Whitney reads in disappointment. Maybe she was wrong about him; he obviously doesn't get her. Another text chimes in, "My penis wrote that." "He totally gets you," Lily responds. Whitney adamantly denies that Alex could be potential boyfriend material as she leaves to get more drinks. Roxanne and Lily decide to play cupid by texting Alex on Whitney's phone to meet her at the bar.

Later, Alex surprises Whitney at the bar as she realizes her friends set her up. Whitney tries to find an excuse to slip away, but Alex is persistent. He really likes her, and he thinks she really like him too. Whitney is steadfast; she doesn't want a relationship. "I'm on my own and I like it that way." Suddenly, Whitney begins to choke on an ice-cube and Alex quickly performs the Heimlich maneuver to help. She's touched that Alex tried to save her. "No guy I've ever dated would have done that." It's a moving moment until Alex questions, "What kind of guys have you been dating?"

Whitney and Alex stumble into his apartment in the throes of passion. "It's pretty predictable that you're gonna sleep with the guy who saved your life." Whitney tells Alex that she's not going to spend the night; it's just sex and then she'll leave. Alex stops; he feels if she's not going to spend the night then she should just leave. He doesn't want to play a game with Whitney; he really likes her and knows she likes him too. Whitney is confused. No guy has ever turned down the option of sex and an empty bed. He tells Whitney that he's going to sleep and he would like her to join him, and if she's there the next morning, the relationship is happening. The next morning Alex wakes up to find a nervous Whitney sleeping right next to him. "Ha ha," he tells her, "you're my girlfriend."

Back in the present day, Whitney and Alex are in bed together. "Three years later and we're still here," Alex says to Whitney. Whitney opens up about a secret she's kept to herself for the past three years. "The morning after our night at the restaurant, I looked you up." Alex smiles; she really was into him from day two. Reluctantly Whitney agrees, "You insulted me; you had sex with me in a bathroom and told me to leave. I mean, I'm only human." They soon kiss in a loving embrace.






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