Up All Night

Episode 2.04 : Jerry Duty

  • Up All Night
    • Episode Premiere : October 11, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video Television, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Amy refuses to sleep in her own bed, and a sleep-deprived Chris and Reagan need help. Desperate for parenting advice, they head to the bookstore, where they spot Jerry, Chris's annoying roommate from college. Jerry is always into a weird new hobby, and Chris and Reagan are in no mood for a Jerry conversation. Unfortunately, Jerry spots them and invites them to a pig roast at his house, which they reluctantly agree to attend.

Back at the house, Scott asks Reagan if he can host a slumber party to cheer up his son. Reagan reluctantly agrees, but decides that she needs to be home to supervise the festivities. That means Chris will have to go to Jerry's pig roast by himself. Scott tries to offer some parenting advice to solve Reagan's problem, but she won't even consider taking parenting advice from her irresponsible younger brother.

While Reagan is telling Chris that he'll have to go to Jerry's party alone, Ava stops by to announce that she's done with dating because it's just too hard to find a man who is up to her standards. Reagan suggests that Ava go to Jerry's pig roast with Chris to meet men. It's a potential solution to everyone's problems, so Chris and Ava hop onboard.

Chris takes Scott's advice on getting Amy to sleep in her own room, and it's a smashing success. Reagan begins to realize that maybe her little brother knows what he's talking about. Now that she and Chris have the bed all to themselves again, they celebrate in the best way they know how: by immediately passing out in their clothes and sleeping the entire night.

On their way back from Costco the next day, Reagan gives Scott a backhanded compliment about his parental advice. Scott gets upset at Reagan for always criticizing him. He forces Reagan to get out of the car and walk the remaining 30 feet to the house. Later, Chris helps Reagan realize that she's been too hard on her brother, and she vows to be less critical of Scott in the future.

The next day, Chris and Ava arrive at Jerry's pig roast. On the way in, Chris briefs Ava on dealing with Jerry. Jerry is immediately annoying, and Chris struggles to tolerate his former roommate. Ava takes on the responsibility of distracting Jerry while Chris scopes out the party in search of single guys for Ava, but she's too picky about men and doesn't like any of her prospects.

As much as Chris tries, he simply can't tolerate Jerry's teasing and annoying attitude at the pig roast party. When Chris is headed to the door, Jerry stops him for a heart-to-heart. Chris finally breaks down and tells Jerry that they shouldn't be friends anymore because they have absolutely nothing in common.

Back at the Brinkley house, Scott's slumber party is turning into a dud. A debacle with the backyard sprinklers turns the camping trip into a living room slumber party, and the kids are not excited about it. Scott does his best to cheer them up by toasting marshmallows in the gas fireplace. Eager to support her brother, Reagan tries her best to lend a hand.

After the pig roast, Chris apologizes to Ava for rushing out of the party. Ava is sad that she can't find a suitable man who is "more like Chris." Trying to contain her laughter, Reagan provides Ava with a list of Chris's imperfections, and Ava realizes that there's no perfect man and that she'll have to learn to deal with other people's flaws. She decides to ask out Jerry, much to Chris and Reagan's chagrin.

Later that night, Scott confronts Reagan about her overly nice behavior. The conversation ends with an angry sibling plastic sword fight. The next morning, Reagan teaches the kids to play Scott's favorite game in the backyard. Maybe taking some tips from her little brother isn't so bad after all.

Reagan and Chris decide to accompany Ava and Jerry on their first date to a jazz brunch. Jerry is totally into the music, which sounds like noise pollution. Reagan and Chris don't get it. Ava tries her hardest to get into the terrible music, and Reagan and Chris resent themselves for hooking Ava up with Jerry.






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