Up All Night

Episode 1.15 : Day After Valentine's Day

  • Up All Night
    • Episode Premiere : February 09, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video Television, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/up-all-night/

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's Valentine's Day on The Ava Show. Ava surprises her audience with the sexy Besos: the Kissing Bandito! Besos is a Latin lothario wearing a Zorro mask who dishes out kisses to the audience. After Besos kisses a 90-year-old woman, a pregnant woman and a man, he sets his sights on Reagan. She tries to push him away, but Besos is persistent and lays a passionate kiss on her lips. After the show, Reagan tries to get the taste of Besos off her lips with Purell. "That was a hard core grooving," Missy chimes in. Reagan is worried that Chris will get insanely jealous if he finds out; he can't handle it when another man kisses her. The ladies delve into the pros and cons of Valentine's Day. Reagan hates Valentine's Day, while Ava is excited for the holiday this year. She's cooking a romantic dinner for Kevin. Reagan can't believe it; Ava never cooks, but she is taking this dinner very seriously by planning a glamorous six-course feast.

At home, Reagan nervously shows Chris video of Besos kissing her. Chris nonchalantly laughs at the video, "Eh, he's making a buck. He's like a poor man's Chippendale." Reagan is shocked that Chris shows no sign of jealousy. Chris leans back on the couch and says he has no reason to be jealous anymore; he sealed the deal with Reagan. He doesn't expect her to suddenly leave him and Amy for Besos. Reagan agrees, then laughs off hidden disappointment.

Ava is in her kitchen trying to chop an onion when Missy arrives with the items on the shopping list, although she couldn't find any duck fed beef. Ava has decided to forego her glamorous six-course feast in order to make a traditional Mexican dish called "chili." Later at dinner, Kevin starts to chow down on the chili as Ava proudly watches. She talks about the epic feats it took for her to cook but then notices Kevin is not listening to a word she's saying. Kevin apologizes; he's just had an awful day at work. He lost a big contract and had to fire his assistant. Ava tersely asks him to at least pretend like he's enjoying the meal she cooked for him, saying "I bought a spatula today!" They soon erupt into a viscous fight about not listening or caring enough about each other's problems.

Reagan and Chris enjoy a comfortable Valentine's meal of takeout Chinese food as they sit on their couch in sweats. Reagan loves how they can just have a peaceful V-day dinner with no flowers or forced romance. "For us, every day is Valentine's Day," Chris says before apologizing for such a cheesy line. Suddenly, they are interrupted as Kevin arrives with chili all over his jacket. "Ava is crazy. She's completely nuts!" Kevin screams as he walks into the house. Soon Ava arrives enraged; she demands an apology from Kevin. Reagan quickly reminds them that there is a sleeping baby in the house, so Ava and Kevin continue there yelling but in whispered voices. Ava says that Kevin's not paying enough attention to her, while Kevin responds, "You need the love and attention of 48 monkeys!" They storm out of the house officially broken up just as Amy finally wakes up crying.

Later that night, Reagan and Chris discuss how happy they are that they're past all the relationship drama yet still have a passion for each other. They both lie in bed, Reagan doing a crossword puzzle while Chris plays Angry Birds on his iPad. They reminisce about their past escapades of proving their love for each other when they first started dating. Chris once graffitied Reagan's name on a city overpass while Reagan punched a woman that gave Chris her phone number. They look at their relationship now and realize it's very much like the Chinese food they just ate: tasty yet not spicy. They momentarily pause as they think about that statement, then decided to have sex since it's technically still Valentine's Day. Eight minutes later... they lie back in bed, Reagan working her crossword puzzle and Chris playing Angry Birds.

At Reagan's office, Ava walks in to talk with Reagan about her breakup with Kevin. She feels like a wreck knowing that she got so worked up over a guy. "I'm an independent woman, with my own daytime talk show!" Reagan worries that Chris and she have the opposite problem: no passion. "Last night we had Pandora playing during our lovemaking when he stopped twice to thumb down songs." Suddenly, Julian enters and rushes up to Ava. He heard about her breakup, and he has come to take her to "Bed," his latest trendy supper club where beds are used instead of tables. Ava thinks Julian could be the perfect relationship she needs after the Kevin debacle. "A shallow, superficial relationship?" Reagan sarcastically asks. Julian disagrees that a relationship with him will have any of that. He lifts his shirt to show a tattoo he has of the letter "A," possibly for Ava. "Scarring your body for a lover is the ultimate symbol of passion," Julian says. Reagan thinks about the tattoo; it could be the exact thing she needs to spice up her love life with Chris.

Chris finds Kevin working on a fence at his shop. Kevin is still upset over Ava. He can't eat, can't sleep; she's making him crazy. He admits he loves Ava, but can't stand how everything is always about her; she can never meet him halfway. He wishes the relationship could be exactly what Reagan and Chris have: something solid and comfortable. Chris understands what he's going through; he actually misses all the craziness and passion an early relationship can have. Suddenly he sees a can of spray-paint and gets an idea. Later, Reagan's at a tattoo parlor waiting to get Chris' name inked on her booty, but just as the tattoo artist starts the needle, she jumps up and changes her mind. Meanwhile, Chris arrives at the overpass where he previously graffitied Reagan's name years before. He tries to do it once again but has lost flexibility and can't reach the proper spot. After trying different methods to reach, he falls off the overpass and is trapped between the barbed-wire fence and the concrete.

Ava and Julian arrive at Bed. "I can't decide if it's great or awful," Ava says as she looks at the eclectic decor while people awkwardly eat and drink on beds. They lie on the VIP waterbed that is completely filled with vodka. Julian tries to woo her by having Italian sushi brought to them. "It is like Japanese sushi instead with Italian ingredients." Julian dispels cheesy line after cheesy line on Ava until she's finally had enough. She realizes how special her relationship with Kevin really was, and she wants to get it back. Later, Ava surprised Kevin at his office. She apologizes for everything that happened on Valentine's Day. Kevin also apologizes, "I've never felt so out of control." They look at each other and passionately kiss; all is forgiven.

Reagan arrives at the overpass to find Chris trapped behind the fence. She's touched that he tried to re-tag her name after all these years and reveals that she tried to get a tattoo of his name, but then backed out in fear of the needle. Later, they drive up to an ATM to get cash for the babysitter while rain pelts down and Phil Collins classic love song "Against All Odds" plays on the radio. Chris wants Reagan to hop out of the car to get the money, but Reagan doesn't want the rain to ruin her hair; Chris should go. Irritated at her husband, Reagan reluctantly steps out into the rain, but Chris quickly follows. "I'm getting the cash. You don't get to hold this over my head." They are both drenched, face-to-face, in a heated argument. All the emotion they've been holding in over the years breaks free as their fight turns into a passionate kiss in the rain as the song rises to a crescendo. "Even this rain couldn't put our fire out," Chris says, then quickly apologizes for such a cheesy line.

Reagan and Chris are at the overpass spray-painting each other's name in the concrete. They critique each other's artistic style when a cop pulls up, catching them in the act. They quickly drop the spray-paint canisters and awkwardly try to talk their way out of a ticket.






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