Episode 1.13 : 13

  • Trauma
    • Episode Premiere : March 22, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Film 44
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Jeffrey Reiner
  • Screenwriter Dario Scardapane
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Scottie Thompson,
    • Steven Anthony Jones,
    • Ryan Michelle Bathe,
    • Rosalind Chao,
    • Kevin Tighe

The Story

Four party-going passengers in a car veer off a bridge and Nancy and Glenn are the first on the scene. Tyler and Boone soon follow. One of the passengers is trapped and Rabbit and Tyler help another young woman out of the car. Unfortunately, the driver of the car has died and his girlfriend sees this--Nancy and Rabbit to calm her down--but they're used to it, it's all part of the job.

It's been a crazy day and no one's ready for bedtime quite yet. The whole team gets ready for a late night game of poker in the break room when Captain Basra asks for a volunteer for the graveyard shift. The whole team volunteers.

Rabbit and Nancy's romance is still hot and heavy--and still a secret. They steal a few kisses from each other before Marisa almost catches them in the break room. Meanwhile, Captain Basra tells Boone that he has to get a stress test and Boone's going to be in charge of the desk. Marisa wonders why Rabbit's so giddy, but his lips are sealed.

Construction crew member Laura Jean falls down a ladder into a small enclosed space in a construction site. Glenn and Nancy come to the scene but Nancy won't go down the ladder, turns that out Nancy is claustrophobic. However, when Glenn goes down to check out Laura's status, he realizes he can't help Laura Jean on his own. As Nancy begins to climb down, she freezes on the ladder. Paramedics need to get Laura Jean out of the small space as soon as possible because of her serious spinal injury, but they can't send her up the ladder vertically--they need another opening, like a tunnel.

A bank robbery goes horribly wrong when the robber, Jason, is stabbed in the neck with a pen and his accomplice, Christine, picks up the gun to continue the robbery. Meanwhile, Nancy and Glenn get help to get Laura Jean out to safety. They will use a small connecting tunnel to get to the outside--something that Nancy isn't looking forward to doing.

Rabbit and Marisa go to do standby at a bank robbery, and Rabbit comes fully equipped with food and entertainment, since he knows going standby on a bank robbery can take forever. Boone and Tyler shortly join them--but inside the bank, Christine demands a medic be sent--and Rabbit gets sent in along with undercover FBI Agent Bruce Rader. Tyler takes this opportunity to check out Marisa's helicopter--under Marisa's very watchful eye.

Rabbit and Agent Rader enter the bank and Christine checks the medical bags to make sure they are clean. Rabbit approaches Jason to see where the pen is puncturing him. However, Jason is paranoid and thinks it's a set-up and shoots a hostage in the gut so Rabbit and Agent Rader can prove they are paramedics. Meanwhile, down in the tunnel, Glenn tries to calm Nancy down.

Jason is convinced that Rabbit is a real paramedic but he is onto Agent Rader, who comes clean after Jason threatens to shoot another hostage. Agent Rader tells Jason that if he shoots him, the FBI agents outside will come in firing. Christine orders Agent Rader to be tied up. Rabbit makes a deal: get the injured hostage out and he'll be able to help Jason, who still has a pen sticking out of his neck. Jason agrees, although Agent Rader doesn't like how Rabbit is taking hold of the situation.

With the injured hostage of the bank, the paramedic team knows things are getting hectic--even for Rabbit. Tyler and Boone, not used to working in a helicopter, are assisted by Marisa to save the man's life. Down in the tunnel, Nancy and Glenn reach a dead end with Laura Jean and Nancy panics and starts running away--until Laura Jean stops breathing. But instead of jumping to action, Nancy is left speechless.

Rabbit works on Jason in the bank, and Agent Rader wants to get everyone out safely. Jason starts to bleed out and he needs to go to a hospital--but Christine wants Rabbit to fix him in the bank. In the tunnel, Nancy is unable to move and talks Glenn through what to do to save Laura Jean's life. Nancy has to intubate Laura Jean, but her hands are shaking and Glen, although not technically ready to do so, successfully intubates the patient. Laura Jean is breathing and they have found a way to get everyone to safety.

In the helicopter, Tyler and Boone have trouble controlling the bleeding in the gunshot wound victim. But they finally stabilize him before they get to the hospital. At the bank robbery, Rabbit tries to convince Christine that Jason is running out of time, but he doesn't want to go to the hospital. Outside, a sniper gets ready to take his shot. Christine looks to Rabbit for advice, and she gives him the guns--but she's made the decision too late, the sniper takes his shot, shooting Christine and then Jason.

The S.W.A.T. team enters the bloody bank robbery scene and Rabbit is put in his place by FBI Agent Reynolds. Rabbit doesn't like it and smears the blood of the deceased criminals on Agent Reynolds' face. Nancy, Glenn and Laura Jean are lifted to safety while Tyler helps Marisa clean up the helicopter.

Back at the hospital, Nancy apologizes to Glenn, but he's happy to have been able to be there for her and he promises not to put it in his book--especially since it's on hold for awhile. Diana asks Glenn about the intubation, assuming Glenn was the one who actually did it and not Nancy. However, Glenn's keeping it a secret.

Captain Basra tells Boone he's going to be in the hospital for two weeks and needs Boone to have a word with Rabbit. Boone, now as acting captain, charges Rabbit with assaulting a FBI agent--and Rabbit has to hand over his card (his paramedic license). Rabbit is suspended without pay pending a review. Although Boone is Rabbit's friend, he has to act as captain and Rabbit understands that, taking the long walk home--alone.






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