Episode 1.07 : That Fragile Hour

  • Trauma
    • Episode Premiere : November 09, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Film 44
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Alex Zakrzewski
  • Screenwriter Bruce Rasmussen
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Scottie Thompson,
    • Steven Anthony Jones,
    • Chad Faust

The Story

Nancy is back at work after the accident and Glenn is doing everything in his power to help her out, like lifting a gurney in their rig. Sergeant Lyons comes over to check on Nancy and tells Glenn to be sure he takes good care of her. According to Glenn, it seems like Lyons has a thing for Nancy, but Nancy knows it's just gratitude from when she helped Lyons when he was shot.

Marisa runs into an old solider friend in the morning, Casey, who is out on leave from the Army and looking for trouble. Marisa invites Casey to come along with her in the helicopter, but Casey wants her to blow off all her responsibilities today. Meanwhile Dan and his son Zack are having a "welcome home from college" meal at a local restaurant. Suddenly there is a gang shooting outside and one of the bullets hits Dan.

Nancy and Glenn are first on the scene, but Nancy has to remind Glenn that because it's a crime scene, he has to ask before he touches anything. Nancy and Glenn check out Dan, but Zack is more interested in finding the guy who shot his father. Outside, Lyons has caught the shooter, but he's not treating him gently. In fact, Lyons brutally assaults the criminal and Glenn can't believe what he sees. One of the cops asks Nancy to write up a fake report about what happened, but Nancy says they need to get the patient to the hospital.

Tyler talks to Boone about a bad breakup he's going through with a guy. Tyler doesn't think that he can talk to Boone about it, but Boone says he can. Boone tries to guess which guy in the hospital Tyler broke up with, but Boone's "gaydar" is way off. Elsewhere, Marisa brings Casey along in the helicopter and introduces him to Rabbit.

Nancy brings Dan to the hospital. Glenn and Nancy get called to talk to Captain Basra because the family of the criminal is claiming police brutality. Both Glenn and Nancy will be questioned. This means they can't talk about what happened with anyone, especially each other.

Rabbit inquires about Casey and Marisa's relationship: they both flew together during the war. Casey is a gunner, something that obviously bothers him. Later that night, two recent M.B.A graduates, Daryl and Raleigh, leave a bar to celebrate their big money-making merger. Daryl, who is the sober one, tells Raleigh he's driving. The two have been best friends since high school, and suddenly a tow truck runs into the front of the vehicle, causing a life-threatening accident.

Tyler, Boone, Marisa and Rabbit get to the scene. Tyler and Boone work to get an unconscious Daryl out of the car. Meanwhile, Raleigh is being treated on a gurney. Tyler and Boone inform Rabbit of Daryl's injury. Rabbit tells an intoxicated Raleigh that Daryl is going to be fine.

Glenn presses Nancy for information about the questioning from the OCC. Nancy tells him to keep his answers short and says that it's just a formality. They're not out to hang anybody. During her questioning, Nancy says she did not see Lyons assault the criminal. However, when Glenn is pressed for information, he looks like he may crack under the pressure.

In the helicopter Casey looks at Daryl and doesn't think he looks good. Rabbit calls Dr. Joe for help. Daryl has stopped breathing and Rabbit has to start CPR. The only chance Daryl has is it Rabbit cracks his chest open, which isn't an option. Daryl dies under Rabbit's care, right in the helicopter. At the hospital, Diana works on Raleigh who is asking for Daryl, unaware that his friend is dead. Dr. Joe comes in and has the unfortunate news that Daryl has passed away. However, Raleigh doesn't believe him and gets upset. Dr. Joe has to sedate Raleigh to keep him from injuring himself further.

Captain Basra calls Nancy to his office and tells her that Glenn did a lot of talking and that Lyons might be put on suspension. Although Lyons had it coming, it's beside the point. The paramedic team has an understanding with the police force in order for them to work together. Captain Basra tells Nancy that Glenn might not make it, which upsets Nancy because all Glenn did was to tell the truth.

Tyler continues to tell Boone about his guy problems, apparently his breakup was over Tyler's car because it's bad for the environment. Once Boone takes Tyler's ex's side, Tyler begins to talk about man-on-man sex, which makes Boone end the conversation. However, it seems as though Boone is opening up to Tyler's sexuality and wants to continue to help his friend through his relationship problems.

Tyler and Boone answer a call for a woman, Valencia, who has been stabbed by her abusive husband. Tyler calls the SFPD in on the suspicion of domestic violence. Valencia's husband takes her and holds her hostage by knifepoint and kidnaps her in the car. Tyler and Boone quickly get in the rig and are in an all-out car chase to save Valencia's life.

The SFPD get to Valencia just in time and Nancy and Glenn are also at the scene and ready to help. At the scene, Lyons confronts Glenn about ratting on him. Lyons has been suspended, pending review. Glenn stands up for himself; he told the truth, but Lyons says that the criminal isn't a victim. Lyons admits losing it, but that what he did was necessary. He punches Glenn square in the gut, knocking the wind out of him.

Later that night, Rabbit, Casey, and Marisa go out for drinks and Glenn comes in to join the crew. Rabbit warns Glenn to get out of the bar because it's full of police officers. When Glenn tries to buy the officers a round of beers, Rabbit has to break up a possible fight. After Rabbit extinguishes the tension, Glenn tells Rabbit that he didn't need his help and leaves the bar, obviously upset.

At the hospital, Raleigh has gone missing. Diana finds him screaming down the hallways for Daryl. When she tries to approach him he pushes her into the wall, and is taken away by security. Raleigh keeps repeating that the paramedic (Rabbit) told him Daryl would be okay! When Rabbit gets to the hospital Diana scolds him for making her job more difficult and not being honest with patients.

At the bar, Marisa and Casey share some drinks and Marisa finds out that Casey is AWOL. She tells Casey to stop being a gunner and go for intelligence instead of running. They head back home where they spend some hot and heavy intimate time together.

Rabbit visits Raleigh and takes him to see Daryl down at the morgue. It's here where Raleigh learns what happened in Rabbit's helicopter, and that Rabbit did everything he could to save Daryl's life. Rabbit tries to console Raleigh the best that he can before leaving him to say his piece to the recently deceased.

In the morning Marisa tries to convince Casey that he has to go back. Casey has no choice; Marisa already called the Army to come get him. He can't believe that Marisa betrayed his trust. Marisa gives Casey her St. Joseph medallion and one last kiss.

On a call, Nancy introduces Glenn to one of the three "incredibles," an infamous homeless man in the district, Naz. Nancy goes to treat Naz's infected leg and he freaks out on her, pushing her down and then strangling her. Glenn is left with no choice but to protect Nancy by tackling Naz and punching him. Glenn suddenly realizes how sometimes the rules are bent and how tough working street medicine can be.

Peter finds Emma playing piano in the rec room, where she's placed a photo of a little boy. Emma explains that she was in her second year of residency while babysitting her nephew Christopher. She was unable to save him from drowning, so she dropped out of medical school. Peter points out that Emma saved Meghan's life; maybe it's time to go back to school. Back at the Carnival, Becky apologizes to Samuel for getting impatient with Claire. Samuel promises Becky that she'll still have her revenge. Back in Manhattan, Peter is dismantling his wall of articles when there's a knock at the door. Nathan falls into Peter's arms, crying. He thinks he's in trouble...






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