Episode 1.02 : All's Fair

  • Trauma
    • Episode Premiere : October 05, 2009
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2010
    • Production Company: Universal Media Studios, Film 44
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Jeffrey Reiner
  • Screenwriter Dario Scardapane
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Scottie Thompson,
    • Ryan Michelle Bathe

The Story

It is morning in beautiful San Francisco and Nancy Carnahan has an unpleasant surprise waiting for her at work: novice EMT, Glenn Morrison, is prepping their rig. Nancy asks Captain Basra why Glenn continues to be her EMT and to Nancy's dismay, she realizes Glenn is now her new partner. On top of that, there is a running bet among the trauma teams that it will only take 17 days for Nancy to sleep with Glenn. Basra already lost the bet, he guessed three days.

It is morning in beautiful San Francisco and Nancy Carnahan has an unpleasant surprise waiting for her at work: novice EMT, Glenn Morrison, is prepping their rig. Nancy asks Captain Basra why Glenn continues to be her EMT and to Nancy's dismay, she realizes Glenn is now her new partner. On top of that, there is a running bet among the trauma teams that it will only take 17 days for Nancy to sleep with Glenn. Basra already lost the bet, he guessed three days.

Rabbit and Marisa are called to the scene and Scooter, in fear of being caught with his marijuana, takes off running. Rabbit doesn't have time to care. Rabbit checks Elizabeth's vitals as the young son, Wilson, looks on. Elizabeth begins seizing and Rabbit orders Marisa to do a NPA, but Marisa refuses! Rabbit is shocked and appalled but doesn't waste a second to get the mother on board the helicopter. In the helicopter, Rabbit tells Wilson that Elizabeth is going to be fine. The renegade Rabbit shows a soft side and comforts the crying boy with music.

Boone and Tyler are up and ready for action this morning: especially Tyler, who downs gigantic energy drinks, despite Boone's warning of the dangers of drinking those so early in the day. Meanwhile, a seemingly innocent young boy walks down the street with a nave and enamored girl. Suddenly, the boy pulls out a gun and starts shooting at gang members across the street. In retaliation, the gang opens fire and misses the shooter but the bullets hit the innocent girl who was standing by. Boone and Tyler get there in no time, but because it's a gang shooting they have to wait for the cops.

A gang member knocks on Boone's window and coerces him to get out and help the shot gangbanger. Boone gets out and tells Tyler to stay inside. Boone assesses that the victim is not in any fatal danger. Boone then sees the young girl lying still on the ground. Boon starts to walk over and one of the gang members follows him with a gun, threatening Boone. Tyler rushes out and the cops come. Boone tries to save the girl, but it's too late.

Boone and Tyler take the injured gang member to the hospital. Boone is aggravated about the shooting because there is blood on him and he has to go to a marriage counseling session with Sela. To cheer Boone up, Tyler shows Rabbit playing with Wilson, the young kid from earlier in the morning. Rabbit tries to leave, but Wilson adorably clings to his leg.

Glenn tries to get to know Nancy better on their shift, but Nancy is cold and closed off. An old man, Dominick, collapses on the sidewalk and Nancy and Glenn are called to the scene. Glenn, in a panic, believes the man is having a heart attack and needs morphine right away. He is having a hard time treating Dominick and Nancy comes to assist. Nancy offers the old man an "experimental" drug, Oxyjonian, which has a 25 percent chance of killing the patient, especially if Dominick has been using drugs or alcohol. Right then Dominick gets up. Nancy warns Glenn that some people will do anything to get high. Nancy also tells Glenn that he did a good job and welcomes him to San Francisco. Nancy might be warming up to Glenn after all.

At the hospital, Rabbit confronts Marisa about her denial to give the mother a NPA. Rabbit wants to make sure that Marisa is EMT certified. When Marisa confirms she is; Rabbit gives her an earful. Rabbit has to know what Marisa can do. Marisa gets angry and says that she flies the patients and Rabbit works on them. Marisa says, "People are messy. They don't do what you expect them to do." Rabbit tells Marisa maybe she signed up for the wrong job. Their new partnership may not be going as smoothly as Marisa or Rabbit had planned.

Boone might be a great paramedic on the scene, but at home he's a mess. Boone and his wife, Sela, talk about their marriage; more specifically Boone's infidelity. They are trying to work through their marriage with counseling. Sela tells Boone that she is tempted too, but she vowed to love Boone. The counselor wants to know if Sela or Boone is considering a separation. Both Boone and Sela are uncomfortably silent. This could be the end.

At the hospital, Rabbit is all play and no work. Rabbit does target practice with a needle on an apple that looks just like Dr. Joe. The interns get a kick out of it, but Dr. Joe comes in and breaks it up. Rabbit then hits on a cute intern who reveals that Rabbit has been around the block more than a few times. The doc yells at Rabbit one last time to get back to work! Meanwhile, Boone tries to subdue his temptations while he walks down the street.

Boone talks to Tyler about the marriage counseling. Boone thinks it went awful, but at least he's not kicked out of the house. At a street fair a mother, Marion, and son, Rudy, walk past a rock-climbing wall. Rudy convinces his mother to let him try to climb. On the other side of the fair, a portly vendor, Matt, serves fried dough to a friend. Out of nowhere a car comes crashing into the fair, knocking Matt down and running over several others. The fair is left looking like a combat zone.

It is chaos at the fair, bodies everywhere! Nancy and Glenn are the first there and Nancy orders Glenn to do triage. Nancy calls in for help and Glenn scurries to find the injured people. An angry man tries to beat up the driver of the car, claiming the driver is drunk. Glenn breaks it up and looks at the driver, who is disoriented, and who then passes out. Boone and Tyler arrive and work on Matt, whose leg is broken with massive bleeding. Rabbit and Marisa are en route to the accident. Nancy runs to help Glenn, and she assesses that the unconscious driver needs medical attention right away. Matt, on the other hand, has severed a major artery and is in danger of bleeding to death.

When Rabbit and Marisa get there the trauma team has to decide who is in need of care more -- Matt, or the driver who caused the accident. Nancy tells Rabbit that they need to get the driver because he suffered a stroke. Glenn tries to tell Rabbit that the man who had the stroke was the one who caused the accident, but Rabbit doesn't care and reams Glenn a new one for even bringing morals into the scene of an accident. Rabbit takes the driver up in the helicopter and Matt, still bleeding heavily, waits for assistance.

There is more trouble at the street fair and Rudy runs to Nancy to ask to her to help Marion, his mother. Nancy rushes over and checks on Marion, who is unconscious and bleeding. Nancy radios Boone for help. Tyler and Boone run over and find that the woman has a cracked skull and ribs. Rudy tries to talk his mom through it, which worries both Nancy and Tyler. Glenn is having a hard time and gets yelled at; Rudy the kid is doing a better job! In the helicopter, Rabbit radios that the driver suddenly is stable, proving Marisa's earlier point that people are in fact, unpredictable.

Rabbit talks to Dr. Joe about Matt, the man with the broken leg and severed artery. Unfortunately, Matt has died. For a moment it hits Rabbit that maybe he made the wrong choice of who to take in the helicopter. Rabbit takes a second and the cute intern, Diane, checks to see if he's okay. Rabbit tells her, "Today's a big day. Don't spin yet."

Nancy, Boone and Tyler take Marion to the helicopter. Rudy rides along with his mom. Boone warns Nancy not to get too wrapped up in the kid's case. Nancy and Rabbit try to stabilize Rudy's mother and Nancy tells Rudy that she's going to live. Rudy wants to know if his mother will be okay, and Rabbit assures him she will. Rudy's father is at the hospital and rushes to Rudy's side. Nancy disappears with Dr. Joe as they wheel Marion to the operating table. Nancy whispers to Dr. Joe that Marion has suffered massive trauma. It doesn't look good.

Tyler, Boone, and Glenn clean up after the accident. At the hospital, Rudy and his father are delivered bad news: Marion will be basically a vegetable for the rest of her life. Nancy tells a heartbroken Rudy about his mother and tries to console him by giving him her card.

Another emotional day has ended for the trauma team. Glenn tries to make friends with Tyler, but nothing seems to work. Tyler finally tells Glenn that, "Everyone is a dick to the new guy at first." Boone comes home to his wife and crawls in bed; she's awake but doesn't say anything. Rabbit shows Marisa the NPA and demonstrates what to do with it by sticking it up his nose. Marisa, disgusted, is touched that Rabbit is reaching out to her. To top the day off on a positive note, Nancy tells the Captain she wants Glenn to remain her partner.






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