Taxi Brooklyn

Episode 1.02 : Brooklyn Heights

  • Taxi Brooklyn
    • Episode Premiere : July 02, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: EuropaCorp Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Olivier Megaton
  • Screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson, Stephen Tolkin
  • Main Cast

The Story

When last we checked in with Cat, she had earned a new crime-fighting ally in Leo. In this week's episode, we see the two continue their unlikely partnership when the son of a wealthy handbag designer goes missing, making her fortune up for grabs.

The Case of the Missing Heir

Ask and ye shall receive, Captain Bradley: At the start of the episode, Cat is doing as she's told, patrolling Brooklyn on foot. It's the perfect opportunity for Detective Esposito to rile her up, but he's interrupted by a burglar running past.

Cat takes off in pursuit, and Esposito does the same in his car. But he's no match for our Cat, who already has the suspect in cuffs by the time Esposito catches up. With no ride to the precinct, Cat takes this as the perfect opportunity to take Leo up on his word about being her driver.

Leo shows up, but he's not happy about it, especially as he's with a fare - Cat's mom, Frankie. Annoyed but undeterred, Cat shoves the thief into the backseat alongside Frankie, and Leo gets going. Captain Bradley calls wondering how much longer until Cat arrives. Good thing she's got the fastest driver in town.

At the station, Cat learns handbag titan Sasha Lowenthal has personally requested Cat take the case of her missing son, Ian. With Ian's reputation for partying and philandering, Cat is doubtful he's really been abducted. Questioning Sasha, her son Mike and his wife Vanessa, Cat learns Ian's disappearance forced him to miss a crucial medical appointment, though the family plays coy about its nature. Could Ian be facing something life threatening?

Mike says Ian was spotted drunk recently, but Sasha swears Ian's been sober for months. But before Cat can investigate further, Sasha's sudden coughing fit forces Cat from the room while Carmen, Sasha's assistant, is called to be by Sasha's side.

Outside, Cat finds Leo chatting with the Lowenthals' chef Russ, who has charmed Leo with his French pastries and tales of speed racing. Mike suddenly comes out and plays a voicemail from Ian for Cat and Leo. There are no words, but Leo recognizes the ringing bell of a buoy and determines where the call was placed. It's impressive work, but Cat is not buying it.

Cat instructs Leo to bring her to the precinct, but he sets off for the docks instead. His assumption about the buoy proves correct. At the docs, Cat and Leo find a wall that has been scraped by a white van and the broken remnants of a cell phone. Leo also notices Cat's nose is bleeding - but it's not Cat's blood.The body of Ian Lowenthal is found above where Cat was standing. The only evidence Ian's body provides is a long black hair, leading Cat to believe Carmen could be a suspect. Yet once again, Cat's investigation is taken over by the FBI and her ex-husband Gregg. And just like last time, Cat refuses to step aside. She convinces the Captain to let her visit the Lowenthals one last time to break the news to Sasha of her son's death.

On the way, Leo and Cat spy a damaged white van, and Cat sets out to inspect it. The vehicle's owner shows up, but sets off running when Cat reveals she's a cop. After being caught, the suspect, Walt, tells Cat the van is used for fish deliveries and his pit bull stands guard over it. Cat's not sure what to believe, but an unlikely alibi - that Walt was just released from prison - checks out.

When Cat and Leo arrive at the Lowenthals, Gregg is escorting a handcuffed Carmen out on the word of a witness who claimed to have seen Carmen and Ian get into a white van but only Carmen return. Gregg refuses to talk about the case, but he's happy to remind Cat of their future dinner plans.

At the precinct, Cat learns Sasha is secretly trying to sell her company, so she and Leo pay a visit to Sasha's lawyer, Ryan. Ryan reveals the designer is dying of cancer and will not live more than three months without a stem cell transplant. Does Sasha have a donor, wonders Cat? She did: It was Ian.

Cat confronts Sasha, who says Carmen and Ian were in love and that Carmen actually helped Ian get clean because he had to be in order to be a donor. Instead, Sasha suspects Ian's death had something to do with a drug lord named Florian. When Sasha cut off Ian's allowance, Ian turned to Florian for drugs and pocket money. In exchange, Florian received a cut of Ian's inheritance after Sasha passed. The day of his disappearance, Carmen told Sasha Ian was high on something, but Sasha is adamant Ian wouldn't have taken drugs voluntarily.

Monica confirms mother did know best; Ian died from a very high dose of Rohypnol, or roofies. With the need to find Florian becoming more imperative, Cat and Leo enlist the help of Leo's roommate Ronnie, a club kid who gets them invited into the VIP section where Florian holds court.

Looking like a "cop in a rented dress" (Ronnie's words), Cat does her best to come across casual, but she can't fool Florian, who spikes her cocktail sending her into a hallucinogenic stupor. Leo, meanwhile, impresses Florian with his knowledge of drugs after tasting a sample. Convinced, Florian presents his stash, but Cat's hallucinogenic state of mind prevents her from making an arrest. It's a blow for Cat and Leo, but a win for the audience. Who doesn't love to see straight-laced Cat swat at imaginary butterflies?

With Cat's cover blown, Florian makes a break for it, but he can't escape Leo. When questioned, Florian reveals he last spotted Ian at his mother's brunch and that Ian was drinking virgin blue lagoons. Amid her drug haze, Cat notes that roofies often contain blue dye. Leo further guesses whoever picked the event's color theme is responsible for drugging Ian. Florian has the answer: Russ.

When asked by Cat and Leo, Russ claims to have never left the kitchen during brunch, but the dog bite marks on his arm tell a different story. Russ' sous chef remembers seeing Russ at 12:15 p.m. and again at 12:45, but Cat finds a half hour window too small for the chef to have made it to the other end of Brooklyn and back. Not so says Leo, who sets off speeding to prove the drive can be done.

Less than 15 minutes later, Cat and Leo arrive at the docks, and Cat promptly vomits. It's not pretty, but it proves Leo's point. Back at the Lowenthals', Cat and Leo are ready to close their case when they discover Russ stabbed to death in the freezer. As they move in to inspect his body, the door slams shut behind them... revealing Mike to be the murderer?

From the other side of the door, Mike, sporting some serious knife marks on his arm, reveals his mother is being held hostage, and he's being forced to stall Cat and Leo's investigation. Quick-thinking Cat puts Leo's claustrophobia to use, instructing him to fake a heart attack. It works, and Mike frees them. Deducing that it's Mike's wife Vanessa who is behind the murders, Cat learns Vanessa and Russ were having an affair. With Ian dead and Sasha set to lose her cancer battle, Mike would become the sole heir to Sasha's fortune. In New York, that would entitle Vanessa to half when she divorced him.

Luckily for Sasha, Cat and Leo crack the case at the same time as the FBI, and Vanessa is stopped at a heliport. Unluckily for Cat, Gregg once again gets all the glory. But just as it appears this episode will conclude with a happy ending, immigration officers arrive to arrest Leo. As Leo is hauled away, he locks eyes with Cat and says, "I trust you, Detective Sullivan." To which Cat replies, "It's Cat." Perhaps Detective Cat Sullivan can learn to let someone in after all.

Can Cat free Leo before he's deported? Does Gregg have any chance of getting back together with Cat now that he's betrayed her? We'll be tuning in next week to see what comes next for Cat and the men in her life.






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