Episode 1.14 : Previews

  • Smash
    • Episode Premiere : May 07, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama, Musical
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: DreamWorks TV, Universal Media Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Dev wakes up to find himself in bed with Ivy! Looks like this pair made one fatal, drunk decision. The two somberly agree to keep their night of passion a secret... surely nothing good can come of this.

With Frank and Leo as her support system, Julia decides to weather the storm and joins the team in Boston. She's immediately faced with her fear, running into Michael, whom she meets with nothing but a cold stare. But in Julia's eyes, the real villain in this scenario is her writing partner, Tom. She refuses to speak with Tom since he didn't support her efforts to keep Michael out of the show.

After all the drama of tech, it's finally time for the first preview! The curtain rises on Rebecca as Marilyn, and the show kicks off to a good start as Rebecca's star power (accompanied by some great backup vocals) carries the show quite nicely.

The chorus gets their chance to shine too, as Ivy and Karen take center stage during a sensual number with Zanuck. It's clear that the true stars of this show are the seemingly extraneous characters. The audience applauds wildly for their stunning performance. Between numbers, Karen stresses over not being able to get in touch with Dev; he must have gone back to New York after his proposal gone awry... if only he'd call her back!

The show comes to a rather anti-climatic close with Marilyn's suicide. As the lights fade on the stage, the audience is left in a state of confusion... is that the end? Everyone's so stunned by this unconventional move that no one applauds! Later, the team gathers together; clearly they need to completely re-think the ending. Derek and Eileen demand a new ending with a new song from Julia and Tom.

After the show, Dev surprises Karen by showing up. He and Ivy "meet" for the first time and do their best to hide the awkwardness. Later, Karen tells Dev how the stress of tech kept her from thinking clearly, but now that the dust has settled, she's thrilled that he's here to support her. Karen asks if that proposal's still on the table... Dev warily proposes again, and Karen says yes! Karen asks a visibly anxious Dev about the ring, which Dev claims he left in New York.

After the show, Rebecca expresses her anxieties about the show to Karen. They didn't applaud... and it's all her fault! Karen does her best to comfort Rebecca, rightfully pointing out that she was definitely not the issue with the show. As Rebecca nervously sips on her smoothie, she starts choking, grabbing at her throat and gasping for air! Rebecca is rushed off to the hospital. Later, everyone learns that Rebecca had a horrible reaction to her peanut allergy. This brings up a few important questions: who put Rebecca's life in jeopardy? And WHO will go on if Rebecca can't make the next preview?

Dev pulls Ivy aside to ask her an important question... is there a ring sitting around in her bedroom? It seems that his engagement ring for Karen has gone missing! Ivy promises to look, but later tells Dev that she came up empty handed.

A somber Julia approaches Tom, ready to talk out their tiff. Julia is upset with Tom for putting the show so far ahead of Julia and his family. Where are his priorities? Tom insists that bringing Michal back was the right decision for the show, and she should be able to put her differences aside and be a mature adult. Julia's not buying it. She solemnly tells Tom that they're no longer a team.

Sam drags Tom to church with him and a good chunk of the cast decides to tag along; everyone could use a little faith right now! Karen goes gospel as she and Sam lead the congregation in a moving rendition of "Stand."

Karen visits Rebecca at the hospital, who's made a full recovery. Rebecca tells Karen that the peanuts were in the smoothie; she could taste them, but she drank it anyways. She doesn't know who poisoned her, nor does she care to know... in fact, she's done with all of this and is bailing on the show! Now the question is... who will Derek have go on as Marilyn? And WHO put Rebecca's life in jeopardy?

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