The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Episode 5.14 : It's a Miracle

  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager
    • Episode Premiere : March 25, 2013
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2013
    • Production Company: Brendavision!, Prodco, Inc.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ben is in a euphoric mood, while driving Ethan to the airport he has an epiphany that Amy may not have been his first love. Omar leaves his student teaching gig at Grant High and sells an educational pitch to a production company for a million dollars. Ethan states his case to Kathy's privileged, stubborn father EDWARD. Ricky confides in Dr. Fields about Amy's lack of enthusiasm towards their marriage, even though he would give up everything to move with her to New York. Jack is restless not being able to play football with his injuries. Omar proposes to Adrian. Leo sets Ben and Dylan up to meet at Geoff's. Kathleen finds out that Tom lead Tammy on so she would sleep with him. George admits to David he knew Robie wasn't his biological child, he had a paternity test when he was first born. Jack tells Grace he wants to be a minister. Kathy's parents give in and let her move back to California to finish the school year. Amy confides in Dr. Fields that she wants to leave John with Ricky and go to New York by herself.

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