The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Episode 2.04 : Ciao

  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager
    • Episode Premiere : July 13, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2008 - 2013
    • Production Company: Brendavision!, Prodco, Inc.
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Amy and Anne are up late, thanks to John's crying, and we find out that Anne thinks David's been avoiding her. Hmm, could it have something to do with that baby she's carrying... which, BTW, Ashley thinks may or may not be David's at all. Meanwhile, Leo makes Ben an offer he can't refuse: a chance to go to Bologna, Italy, for the summer to work at his uncle's hotel. And even though Ben knows his stressed, tired girlfriend would love to go with, he isn't sure he'd love it if she did. So he calls Adrian for Advice on how to break the news to Amy without her wanting to tag along. But when Adrian figures out that Ben being gone would leave Ricky and Amy alone together, she hangs up on him. Over at the Bowman residence, Grace is dressed and ready for school for the first time since her dad's passing. But as she's preparing to face her classmates again, Tom says he saw Betty dropping Ben off at the funeral. Which leads Grace to wonder if something's going on between those two. Uh-oh.

When Grace sets foot inside Grant High for the first time since her dad's death, she's so overhelmed by all the stares and whispers, she leaves immediately. As she's walking home, she bumps into George. Who stops to console her. He also tells her Jack's started drinking because of the whole ordeal, and somehow he convinces her that men can be trained to go without sex for a long time. George does such a good job of helping Grace, she offers to listen to his problems. Hard to say why, but he reveals that he lied about his vasectomy -- you know, the vasectomy that made Anne think she's pregnant by David. Wait, so does that mean the baby is George's after all?

Back at school, Amy confronts Ben about Bologna (Adrian told her). When she accuses him of trying to run away, he gets nervous and kinda invites her to come too... even though Leo really wants Ben to get some distance from Amy. She jumps at the chance, of course.

Elsewhere in the hallway, Adrian tells Ricky about Ben and Bologna -- which, BTW, everyone seems to know is a great place for sex. Speaking of sex, Ricky can't get any from Adrian, now that Ruben's moved in. So Adrian gives him an ultimatum: Either wait until her folks find a house with more privacy, or don't dare come back for sex when they do.

As for Grace, not only is she slowly re-adjusting, despite all the unsolicited advice from well-meaning classmates, she's also patched up things with Jack. They agree to wait until marriage to have sex again, and he swears off drinking.

Things aren't going so smoothly for Ben. Not only is he unsure about Amy coming to Italy, now he's got a jealous Ricky to deal with, thanks to that call he made to Adrian and that hug he gave her in the hallway (yeah, Amy saw it too). But Ben and Ricky's argument about Adrian, Amy, the baby, and Bologna ends when Betty comes in to buy some steaks. Soon, Ricky realizes she's the very same Betty whom Tom found on an Internet prostitution website... but he keeps that secret to himself.

Amy asks Anne if she'll watch John for the summer while she goes to Bologna with Ben. Uh, the obvious answer is no. But at least things are going more swimmingly at the lee house, where Ricky asks Adrian for a commitment for the first time! As soon as he leaves, Adriab gets so excited she accidentally speed-dials Grace, forgetting they're still on the outs. But Grace is ready to make amends and apologize, and so the two are BFFs again.

Meanwhile, Amy's at George's, trying to convince Ricky to take care of John while she goes to Bologna. But Ricky's trying to convince Amy to let Ben get away by himself. While that's going on, something even bigger is happening next door: David's telling Anne he got suspicious about whether the baby's his, because infertility runs in his family. And what else runs in his family?Money! Loads of it! As proven by the fact that, when David gets on one knee to propose, he's gotten her a huge ring. And yes, we did say propose. He's not suspicious anymore -- he's in love!

George, who was just coming over to tell anne about the vasectomy, stops in his tracks outside the door when he hears David talking about all that money. So George also eavesdrops on the proposal, and he's about as blown away as Anne is. But what's her answer going to be?






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