Sean Saves the World

Episode 1.06 : Sean Comes Clean

  • Sean Saves the World
    • Episode Premiere : November 07, 2013
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Hazy Mills Prod., Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Marc Buckland
  • Screenwriter Matt Ward
  • Main Cast
    • Sean Hayes as Sammy,
    • Samantha Isler,
    • Linda Lavin,
    • Thomas Lennon,
    • Echo Kellum,
    • Megan Hilty

  • Additional Cast
    • Bobby Lee

The Story

Liz unknowingly slept with a married man last night, and now his angry wife is chasing Liz through her work building! After Sean saves the day for Liz by pretending to be her husband and sending off the distressed wife, Liz realizes that their friendship is too lopsided. Sean is always the one helping Liz out, and she never returns the favor. While that's sort of totally accurate, Sean doesn't want Liz to feel bad. So the next day, Sean devises a plan to make Liz feel better about "helping him out." He concocts a story about getting turned down by the hot barista at the local coffee shop so that Liz can comfort him. But when Liz shows up, Sean has no time to mention the barista before Lorna interjects with a "more realistic lie" and tells Liz Sean got denied by his dry cleaner, Mr. Chin!

Max is having lady problems of his own, since he can't seem to figure out the whole "engage in a normal conversation with the opposite sex" thing. For help, he reaches out to Hunter, whom Max assumes is a hit with the ladies. Hunter reluctantly agrees, and the two go to a bar in hopes of finding some eligible women. But when Hunter tells Max to approach a cute lady at the bar, the only conversation starters Max can come up with are, "Do you like fencing? Cartography? Throwing stars? French cinema!?" Needless to say, things don't work out with the woman. Dejected, Max leaves the bar and tells Hunter he'll just hold off on the female relationship thing until the Japanese create a robot he can hump.

Sean is mortified that Lorna got involved with his scheme to help Liz. The dry cleaner?! In what she thinks is a thoughtful gesture, Liz goes behind Sean's back and speaks to Mr. Chin. It turns out Mr. Chin has a huge crush on Sean and agrees to come with Liz to Sean's office and formally ask him out! When Mr. Chin shows up unannounced, Sean is put in the most awkward position. Since Liz is so happy that she's finally helping Sean again, it's all but impossible to come clean about his scheme. So Sean agrees to go out on a date with his dry cleaner, Mr. Chin... yay!

Sean yells at his mom for intruding in his love life, but Lorna seems incapable of seeing his side of the situation. When Sean leaves, Ellie tells Lorna she's being too hard on her dad, but Lorna assures her sometimes it's important to keep things in perspective. For example, the incredibly attractive older man in the elevator is always with young ladies - he would never go for a woman like Lorna, so she doesn't even ask. Ellie thinks there's nothing wrong with trying. Meanwhile, on Sean's date, Mr. Chin proves to be sociopathic, telling Sean he sometimes wears his dirty shirts to bed. Later, after Mr. Chin forcibly kisses Sean good night, Sean enters his apartment and tells Lorna he's had it with her shenanigans - because of her, he needs a new dry cleaner!

The next day at work, Hunter approaches Max and tells him to keep his head up about striking out at the bar. Hunter worries that Max might be trying too hard to emulate his personal style of getting women, instead of trying to develop a style of his own. That night, at the same bar, Hunter hits on an attractive brunette sitting by herself. Suddenly, Max comes out of nowhere and yells at Hunter for being a "creep." Hunter is totally confused, then realizes what's going on when Max shouts at him to leave "or else." Max escorts Hunter to the door and thanks him for the tip. The lady at the bar seems to like Max's assertiveness. Hunter doesn't understand why he keeps getting the short end of the stick, but it looks like Max found his strategy!

At work, Liz asks Sean how his date with Mr. Chin went. Sean tells her they mutually agreed it wasn't working, but Liz finds that odd, considering Mr. Chin sent Sean flowers... Cornered, Sean fesses up. He made up the whole Mr. Chin infatuation story so Liz could help him out. Liz is hurt; why would he lie to her? Sean just wanted to make Liz feel better, but now it's blown up in his face. Suddenly, Mr. Chin shows up at the office, asking Sean if he'd like a "nooner." Liz realizes Sean is in legitimate trouble and sends Hunter out to act as Sean's "husband." Hunter is not at all down with the role-playing, but when he does it anyway, Mr. Chin can't believe Sean turned out to be an adulterer! With Mr. Chin gone, Sean thanks Liz for really helping him. That's what friends are for!

Lorna shares the elevator with the older gentleman she has a crush on and decides to take Ellie's advice. Lorna knows he's into younger women - I mean, she's sure he is - but hypothetically would he like to go on a date with her? The man says yes, if she'll let him get a word in at dinner. Lorna thinks she can manage that! Later, Lorna devises a plan to get the hot barista Sean likes to drop by the apartment. Sean is so flustered by the barista's presence he can hardly contain himself, but when the guy asks Sean out for dinner after his shift, Sean plays it cool just long enough to say yes. When the barista leaves, Sean thanks his mother for finally assisting in his personal life. Now... he'll need Lorna and Ellie's help putting on his skinny jeans!






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