Sean Saves the World

Episode 1.13 : I Know Why the Caged Bird Zings

  • Sean Saves the World
    • Episode Premiere : January 23, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2013 - 2014
    • Production Company: Hazy Mills Prod., Universal Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Rudy Bednar
  • Screenwriter Bruce Terris
  • Main Cast
    • Sean Hayes as Sammy,
    • Samantha Isler,
    • Linda Lavin,
    • Thomas Lennon,
    • Echo Kellum,
    • Megan Hilty

  • Additional Cast
    • Humphrey Ker

The Story

Pity poor lonesome Sean. Even in the most innocent of situations, he's a potential target for a wayward arrow from Cupid. Case in point: as he's enjoying a father-daughter moment in a coffee shop, Sean spies an ex, Colin. He's immediately love-struck, imploring Ellie to tell him if Colin's looking at him, thinking of a successful career cover story and wondering how his abs look. Sean wanders over to him, fumbling through a faux cell phone conversation with a male model. Colin doesn't buy it, but it's a serviceable enough icebreaker. Even though Colin broke his heart just a few months back, he can't help but encourage a little love re-connection. They agree to arrange a date.

When Lorna and Liz learn of the liaison, they hit the roof. They forbid Sean to reconcile, citing how miserable he was after Colin dumped him. They even have the video evidence to prove it. But Sean just wants a little happiness and is going to pursue it, despite the fact that his mother and best friend are in vehement opposition to any sort of Colin connection.

Max has his own problems of the heart. His beloved pet birds (of which there are about a dozen living with him in the hotel) are a problem; the tyrannical hotel manager insists that Max and his feathered friends fly the coop immediately. Max's solution is to offload the birds onto Hunter until Max can thwart his nasty hotelier. Hunter takes the birds but discovers that a menagerie is not exactly compatible with a bachelor pad. The ladies think he's a crazy bird man. Hunter brings the birds to Sean's apartment instead.

In a rare display of teamwork, Liz and Lorna set out to destroy Sean's chances with Colin. As Sean prepares for his date, they intercept his cell phone and immediately dispatch a series of nasty and confusing text messages to Colin. Sean's none the wiser, but poor Colin is convinced Sean is mad - mad as in angry and mad as in crazy. But the date goes on. And Sean is so desperate for some male companionship that he practically forces Colin to come back to his apartment. Despite witnessing Sean's crazy signals and his own better judgment, Colin goes home with Sean. Upon opening the door, they witness no fewer than a dozen birds, courtesy of Hunter. Despite Sean's protests of innocence, Colin doesn't need any more convincing, spewing a tirade of demands that Sean never get in touch with him again as he hightails it out of there. Lorna and Liz arrive, hear the ruckus and decide it's probably best to let Sean be alone with his thoughts - and Max's birds - for a while.

So Sean strikes out at his attempt to rekindle an old romance, but no doubt he won't be deterred for long. He does take Max aside and try to point out that it might be time for Max to try to develop some friends of his own. Max misinterprets the comment as a ploy by Sean to adopt some of Max's birds. Sigh. The good news, Max reports, is that his lawyer had all the birds certified as companion animals and now the hotel manager will have to welcome them in with loving arms. In the end, a few folks got their feathers ruffled, but Liz and Lorna flocked together, Max put a henpecking hotel manager in his place, and Sean found himself free as a bird.






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