Episode 1.09 : The Game Night

  • Roommates
    • Episode Premiere : April 27, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2009
    • Production Company: -
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The roommates are hanging out at their fave bar, and James wants MArk to be his wingman while he makes a move on a hot chick. Tough Mark refuses, James gets her number anyway. If only poor Mark's luck were that good: He overhears Katie and Hope discussing Katie's upcoming business trip with hot boss David. Naturally, Mark loses all his marbles and accidentally throws a dart straight into a shelf, knocking everything off of it. We wonder why he got so lossed up all of the sudden...

The next morning, James waltzes into the apartment after having spent the night with the girl from the bar. Not so lucky for him, tough: He left his wallet at her place. Meanwhile, Katie's trying to strategize with Mark for Game Night: She's determined to win, and she wants to know what games Mark is good at. But Hope's still trying to help Katie strategize for David by planning the perfect outfit. Tough Katie's undecided about whether she should even get with David, she still tries on the sexy red top Hope picks out for her. She also lets Mark stay in the room while she's changing, though she tells James to leave. What could this mean?

Well, Thorn thinks it means that Katie's letting Mark in. But Mark thinks it means Katie doesn't even see him as a real man. Ouch. Well, KAtie may not, but someone else does: Mark's old next-door neighbor, Alyssa. She's sort of awkward and weird, but totally into him -- and he couldn't be less into her.

Back at Mark's new pad, it's Game Night. And just as Team Mark and Katie are on a losing streak, guess who walks in? Thorn -- with Alyssa in tow. Thorn thinks having one girl chassing Mark will make Katie really into him. So now the teams have switched: Thorn pairs up with Katie, and Mark with Alyssa.

But before they can get down to it, a messenger arrives bearing an envelope with James' wallet in it. Seems his one-night stand would rather pay someone to deliver the goods than see him herself. James is so distraught, he's totally off his game. Meanwhile, Team Mark and ALyssa seem to be kicking ass. But after many shots and rounds of charades, everybody's good and drunk, and Alyssa can't seem to keep her hands off of Mark. Then when a drunk Katie and a drunk Mark go into the kitchen together, KAtie suddenly angles for a full-on-make-out session with Mark. Uh, whoa. That's also Hope's reaction when she walks by while it's happening.

The next morning. an elated Mark is in the kitchen making heart-shapped pancakes for his all-time love, and telling James about their hot 'n' heavy session. But, unfortunately, a hungover Katie doesn't remember anything from that drunken night, and has to ask Hope what happened. Hope reveals that Katie was "all up on him," which majorly freaks Katie out. And in a different apartment, a freaked-out Mark runs to Thorn to ask for help: The girl of his dreams kissed him! But she doesn't remember! Thorn says to let Katie come to him.

Later, back at the bar where James met one-night stand Heather, he meets up with her to try to figure out why it tokk her so long to call him back. Turns out she's just not that into him. James' ego: down about 100. And while he's having it out with Heather, Hope and Katie are at nearby table discussing her big move on Mark. Katie wonders if it's her subconscious trying to tell her that Mark's the guy for her. She also wonders whether she should slep with David on their upcoming trip to Chicago. Hope tells her that if Mark's interested, he'll make a move. So now both are just waiting for the other one to make the move?

Yep. Back at the apartment, Katie's got her bags packed for Chicago, and Mark's on the couch watching her leave. and since neither is going to make the first move, they have a very long, extended, awkward goodbye, each hoping for the other to go in for a kiss or something! But instead, Mark just watches Katie walk out the door.

And it's just the three men again at the bar: Thorn, Mark, and James. Except now that Heather's radically shakn up James's confidence, he can't seem to score with the ladies anymore. Welcome to the single men's club, James.






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