Episode 1.04 : The Break In

  • Roommates
    • Episode Premiere : April 13, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC Family
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2009 - 2009
    • Production Company: -
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's early morning at the apartment, and Hope's hogging the shower. Mark, desperate to pee, goes from the neighbour's door (no dice) to the bodega across the street (nope), only to come home and end up peeing in the sink. Nice.

Later that day, Mark brings Thorn over to meet James for the first time. Thorn, against Mark's wishes, start spilling all of Mark's secret, embarrassing him in front of James.

Hope's dad, who's in town unexpectedly, drops by to surprise her at the coffee shop. He doesn't try to hide his disappointment that a Princeton grad has ended up serving lattes. She suggest he go hang out at the appartment while she's at work, but as soon as he walks out, she realizes she's left her vibrator on her bed. She immediately calls the apartment to get Mark to hide it.

Somehow, Thorn ends up jumping out onto the fire escape with it (he loves that fire escape) -- just as Hope's dad walks into her room. He thinks she's just been burgled and gets all worked up about it. He threatens to cut her off because her "life is a joke," citing her getting fired, the coffee shop job, and the burglary. But when he tries to get her to move back home, she lies that she has a reason to stay in New York: love. Yes, she's dating someone. But who could that be? Hope's single, right?

Right. So she pretends she's dating Mark, just to fool her dad. But daddy start grilling Mark about his acting career, and he, in typical Mark fashion, get flustered. Then the happy "couple" has to go out to dinner with dad and, boy, is it awkward. Over dinner, Mr. Daniels's suspicions about their relationship deepen. He'd been planning to leave after dinner but decides to extend his visit to get to know his daughter's new boyfriend.

That night, Hope and Mark have to play boyfriend-girlfriend, so they're forced to share her room. She insist he sleep in her bed to make it real. But then they start fighting about Mark's pre-sleep ritual (he likes to breathe deeply and loudly), and Mark accuses her of being a control freak. So she does something spontaneous: She kisses him.

This throws them both off-guard. Mark freaks out, and Hope rushes into the living room to tell Katie she had a revelation while kissing Mark. But when Katie hears about the kiss, she starts grilling Hope, asking if Mark was a good kisser. )"Surprisingly yes, "answer Hope. Ooh la la.) But Hope's more concerned about her revelation: that she should start living life without a safety net.

So the first thing she does is wake up her dad to tell him the truth. Not only does she admit she made up the whole thing with Mark in order to have an excuse to stay in New York, she tells him she's going to do things on her own. She enven gives back his credit cards. Wow. But he believes so much ini her new resolve that he hands them back. Nothing like a side of parent-supported shopping to go with your newfound independence, right?

All that because of a little kiss! And Mark got something out of it too: His little tongue hockey session piqued Katie's interest.

And where's Thorn been all this time? Well, he still has Hope's vibrator. But he's also been down at the bodega, and when the store owner, a somewhat older woman, hears he has a vibrator, she tells him they sell those in the back. Not sure how that leads to the two of thern in bed together, but nothing's ever clear where Thorn is concerned.






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