Episode 2.07 : Penance

  • Revenge
    • Episode Premiere : November 11, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Temple Hill Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

The bow-tied one, Mason Treadwell, stops by to see Emily to float a theory that she and Amanda were lovers back in their juvenile detention days. He believes he has a future best-seller in this tawdry tale of two vengeance-seeking blondes who tried to take down the Graysons. It does sound like good read. Amanda wants to take care of Mason "her way." Emily convinces her to simply threaten him with a restraining order. She's also trying to process the newsflash that Amanda is now engaged to Jack.

There's an investors meeting taking place at Grayson Manor. Emily wants Aiden there to help position Daniel to take over the company. She also believes a member of the Initiative will be in attendance. Nolan gives Aiden the check that proves David Clarke invested in NolCorp while he was with Grayson Global. This could mean the end of everything he created. It's worth it if it will protect Emily. Nolan lets Aiden know that if he ever hurts his revenge-y friend again, he'll pay dearly. He later finds solace in the fact that Padma will stick with him no matter what.

Kara is headed out of the Hamptons. Victoria catches Daniel questioning her about David Clarke before she hits the road. Their conversation is cut short when Emily stops by with a wedding gift for Victoria. Ashley can see that her boyfriend still has feelings for his ex. As for Victoria, she believes that if she and Conrad are going down, they should take the Initiative with them. Speaking of the Initiative, the representative they send to the investors meeting is the same woman we've seen Conrad chatting with in the past. Her name: Helen Crowley.

When Mason shows up at the Stowaway, Amanda has had enough of this guy. She lures him away from Jack and the baby. They head over to Mason's place, where Amanda convinces him that Emily is her sociopathic socialite stalker. Try saying that three times fast. Emily is clued in to their secret meeting. She rushes in to stop Amanda from bashing in Mason's skull. Emily then lets Mason know that he was so close to finding out the truth. The only thing he couldn't figure out is that she is the real Amanda Clarke.

Emily gives Mason a chance to make amends for the lies he told about her father. He's to meet with Kara, who ditched her plans to skip out of town. Mason lets her know that she should honor Gordon Murphy's wishes by going somewhere safe. Then he goes off script by revealing how her first love, David Clarke, was framed by some very powerful people. This has Kara making a beeline to Grayson Manor. Emily knows she's out for blood. As for Mason, he returns home to find Detective Gunther searching the place. With Nolan's help, Emily has set him up to take the fall for Gordon Murphy's murder and the conspiracy to kill Conrad Grayson.

As Conrad speaks to a number of his investors, Daniel assembles a few heavy hitters to drop the news that Grayson Global has a stake in NolCorp. He asks them to give a vote of "no confidence" for his father so that he may become the new CEO. He has Helen Crowley's vote for sure. Others also look to be jumping onboard. Victoria races to tell Conrad about all that's happening. Unfortunately, he's busy dealing with even more bad news. Kara is holding him at gunpoint in the bedroom. Now she has Victoria, too.

Kara wants a confession as to what they did to David. Conrad does his best to explain things while Gloria does her best to retrieve a gun from her purse. Too bad Kara already swiped the pistol. Emily is able to get hold of Aiden to give him the scoop on what's happening. She disables all of the security cameras. Aiden races to find Kara, who orders her hostages to get down on their knees in execution positions. Conrad and Victoria hold hands fearing this is the end. They have no idea that Aiden has quietly entered the room, knocked out Kara with chloroform and pulled her away.

When Kara regains consciousness, she seems to buy the story Aiden and Emily lay on her to get her to leave town for her own safety. She asks that Ems tell Amanda that she wishes she could have been a better mother. A tender flashback shows us that Kara really wasn't all that bad in the mom department. Emily then meets up with Mason in lockup. She convinces him to admit to a bunch of crimes he didn't commit to avoid a trial. While he's in prison, he's to write the truth about her entire revenge-filled tale. Once the story is complete, she'll get him out of prison. A deal is struck.

Nate Ryan is Kenny Ryan's little brother. He alludes to some big plans for the businesses along the docks-one of those possibly being the Stowaway. The guy is indifferent to his big bro's belief that the Porter boys are decent fellows. As for Jack, he's comforted by the fact that Amanda is willing to forgo the big wedding she's always dreamed of. All she needs is him and their baby. In other news, Emily returns home to find Aiden waiting on her porch. She asks him to stay with him before kissing him passionately under the night sky.

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