Episode 2.04 : Intuition

  • Revenge
    • Episode Premiere : October 21, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2011 - 2015
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Temple Hill Entertainment
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

There's blood on the floor of Grayson Manor. We're not sure what's happened yet. All we do know is that Victoria is nearby while the maid cleans up the bloody mess. She holds in her hand the blood-stained Visitor Sign-In sheet from the day she posed as Amanda Clarke's Aunt Charlotte to get access to Kara Wilkins. She also clutches an unsigned check for $100,000 made out to Amanda Clarke. The queen crumbles up both pieces of paper before tossing them into the fire. We jump back in time to find out what led up to this scene.

Emily desperately wants to find her mother. Aiden warns her that she'd best be prepared for what she might learn if she tracks her down. Ems has Amanda accept an invitation to Grayson Manor. Victoria can have David Clarke's journals in exchange for info about her mother. A conversation about this is cut short when Charlotte pops by. Victoria says the reason behind Amanda's visit is to lay out the details for her baby shower. Emily Thorne is persona non grata at Grayson Manor, but they can't leave the baby's godmother off the guest list.

Amanda shows up to her shower with a few old friends from the strip club. They are a great distraction while she negotiates a deal for the journals. Emily feeds her dialogue through an earpiece with an audio connection that keeps breaking up on her end. Amanda confronts Victoria about the sign-in sheet after seeing the handwriting match on her check. This leads to a heated discussion on the second floor. Victoria claims that Kara tried to kill Amanda when she was a little girl. We don't know if Emily hears this part. When Victoria aggressively grabs the sign-in sheet, Amanda falls backward over the banister and crashes to the floor.

Amanda is rushed to the hospital. She instructs Emily to have them save the baby no matter what. She also wants her to call Jack, who is dealing with the fact that Declan can't get back the stuff they stole from Mr. Ryan. The total loss is $20,000. The hits just keep on coming for Jack when the mold guy says the Stowaway needs $40,000 of work done before it can reopen. He'll need to figure something out later, as Jack gets a call from Emily about Amanda. He's off to the hospital. Ryan stays behind to make a call of his own to Declan's shady prep school pal. The two are in cahoots in a plot to get the Stowaway.

Aiden swings by the hotel to try to make Kara believe he's a deep cover officer with the FBI, just like the white-haired man, Gordon Murphy. He believes he gains her trust when she turns over a portable hard drive. He's wrong. ZAP! Kara neutralizes Aiden with a stun gun. She ties him up in a chair because she believes he is either working for the Graysons or the Initiative. Kara also reveals that she and the white-haired man were married before bolting out the door.

Conrad believes his son may be plotting against him, so he asks Ashley to keep an eye on him. Daniel is, indeed, diving into his dad's financial double-dealings. He has a plan to bring Conrad down. He also knows Ashley is working for dear old dad. That's why he's pleased to see that her loyalties seem to be shifting to him. As for Conrad, he meets with an intimidating lady from the Initiative who seems skeptical that the white-haired man went rogue on them. Victoria later lets her hubby know that the seriously hurt Amanda Clarke is very close to finding out she hand-delivered Kara to Gordon Murphy.

Nolan learns that his father passed away three weeks ago. They weren't close. Padma swipes the storage unit key that was sent over by the estate attorney for Papa Ross. She finds a scrapbook Nolan's dad kept of all his son's accomplishments. She knows from past experience that regrets suck. Nolan gets extremely emotional paging through the book. He has Padma take him to the storage unit where the two of them engage in the beginnings of a more than professional relationship.

Kara hears on the car radio that Amanda Clarke has been rushed to the hospital. Jack is devastated when he learns Amanda had to be put into a coma, but at least the baby is okay. Declan comforts both his brother and an equally-distraught Charlotte. Emily is also dealing with a tsunami of emotions. She looks in on Amanda to see a woman by the side of her bed. It's Kara. It's her mother. She doesn't get the voicemail message Aiden leaves for her after he breaks free from his bindings. She doesn't hear him say that her mom is dangerous.

We flashback to see Kara holding a young Amanda in her arms in the ocean. A panicked David Clarke is heard screaming in the distance. Kara tells Amanda that they are going to play a game. In reality, she desperately tries to drown her own daughter. In the present, Emily ducks away from the room before Kara sees her. She's crying in the dark of her home when Aiden arrives. He holds her close as the tears continue to flow.






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