Pushing Daisies

Episode 2.01 : Bzzzzzzz!

  • Pushing Daisies
    • Episode Premiere : October 01, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2009
    • Production Company: Jinks/Cohen Company, Living Dead Guy Prod., The WB
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/fallpreview/pushingdaisies/

Cast and Crew

The Story

The pie maker and Chuck have moved in together and engage in an engaging dance so that neither touches the other - they wear bells on their slippers and corduroy to ensure that one hears the other on his or her way. Though they are obviously desperate to touch, Ned has created contraptions to mimic similar sensations...

Ned offers to help Charlotte's bee colony, which has died in the past months, by getting into his underwear and letting them all touch him, bringing each bee back to life. In a moment of solidarity, both look at each other in their undergarments before Chuck dons a beekeeper's suit and watches the pie maker do his work.

Meanwhile, Emerson Cod has used his newfound free time to create a pop-up book entitled, "Lil' Gumshoe" - a publication he hopes will bring back his lost child.

Dusty Fitz, widower to Kentucky Fitz - a former sales rep for Betty's Bees beauty products - visits Emerson because his wife was found stung to death in her car, and he suspects foul play. He also thinks that Kentucky had been cheating on him, but was secretly hoping she would leave her other love for him.

Emerson, Chuck and Ned visit Kentucky Fitz at the morgue only to discover that she was killed by a man in a bee suit... but also that she was trying to bring down Betty's Bee with might.

Chuck goes undercover as an employee at Betty's Bees, only to discover that Woolsley Nicholls (Betty's biggest competitor) had overtaken the company and was planning to make Kentucky the new corporate icon for Betty's Bees Beauty Products as Betty turned all of 38. After talking to Betty Bee, Chuck then learns the takeover was hostile and Kentucky was "like a sister" to Betty.

Meanwhile, at the Pie Hole, Aunts Lily and Vivian confront Olive (while nearly missing Charlotte) and demand to know why she stopped delivering pies to their home in Couer d'Couers. The aunts then tell Ms. Snook that they didn't miss the pies as much as her company, which helps lead to Olive's explosion of fury and frustration. Then Olive quits her job and leaves the Pie Hole for good as she is a "hotbed of secrets."

Chuck takes up residence in Olive's apartment above the Pie Hole (and next to Ned, the pie maker) in the hopes of new beginnings and a feeling of independence.

Olive, meanwhile, moves into a convent atop the hills (which are, incidentally, very much alive). It is here that Olive learns another very big secret... that this is where Aunt Lily gestated young Charlotte and eventually birthed her. Also, Aunt Vivian's former fiancé is Chuck's father.

As Chuck continues her investigation at Betty's Bees, she learns that Kentucky was not happy with the takeover and did not destroy the bee colony with might... but with mites. Kentucky and Betty were planning on taking Betty's original bee colony to a new location and starting over.

Ned becomes worried about Charlotte's work at Betty's Bees and disguises himself as a temp, which Emerson finds creepy and Chuck finds endearing. Fortunately, his move is not without merit as during Chuck's sleuthing, she is quickly targeted by the bee-wearing man who attempts to kill her in the same fashion as the late Kentucky Fitz.

Emerson and Ned discover Chuck inside Betty's office, wearing a body of bees. As Chuck grew up with honey bees, she knew how to steady the hive she was now wearing. She then spits out the queen bee, forcing the nest of drones to fly out the window.

The team uses Betty's #88 bee key to enter Betty Bee's childhood home, which is now serving as the head hive for her childhood friends, the bees. (Later, the home will serve as headquarters to Betty Bee and Dusty Fitz's new venture.)

Emerson, Chuck and Ned then confront Mr. Woolsley, who confesses to killing Kentucky after learning of her plans to sabotage his new company.

Olive begins to adjust to her new home and makes friends with a lovely four-legged creature dubbed Pigby.

Ned, after ruminating over the aunts' earlier words about Chuck's life at their home, decides to decorate Olive's apartment with Charlotte's favorite books and pillows. She is, naturally, delighted.

Oh yes, and one man stops by the Pie Hole. He is Ned's father.






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