Private Practice

Episode 4.13 : Blind Love

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : February 10, 2011
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 4
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Susan is rushed into the hospital. Bizzy is panicked as Addison and Dr. Rodriguez work to stabilize her. She's out of the woods for the moment, though Bizzy has no idea how dire the situation truly is. In another part of the hospital, Sam treats a man who was stabbed in the heart by the woman he was beating. The patient's name is Lee and he happens to be the man who savagely raped Dr. Charlotte King.

While in recovery, Susan gets a clot in her lung. She doesn't want any heroic procedures to take place. She's crashing. Bizzy begs Addison to do something, but she can't. Susan made her wishes quite clear. Moments later, Susan is gone. A stunned Bizzy stares at her daughter with a look of utter contempt in her eyes. Addy has always had a strained relationship with her mother, but this may end it all together.

Charlotte is having trouble dealing with the fact that the man who attacked her is still managing to creep his way back into her life. Cooper doesn't want her to fall apart again. Sam manages to stop Coop before he can storm into Lee's room. Sheldon arrives moments later carrying his own feeling of guilt that he failed a friend. Not one of the three men seems sure of what to say or do as they pace the hallway. Then Cooper says, "You've waited this long…just let him die, please." If Sam doesn't operate soon, that's exactly what will happen.

Charlotte receives a visit from Lee's girlfriend. The woman knows what happened, but she still loves the monster she recently stabbed. Charlotte used to believe that concept of good and evil was always black and white. But as she got older, she realized it wasn't that simple.

Naomi says the only way she felt she could get past the rage she felt when her daughter was hurt was to forgive the person that hurt her. So, Charlotte tells Sam to do whatever it takes to save Lee's life. But before he's put under, and in case he doesn't survive the surgery, Charlotte makes sure the last image he sees is her face.

Lee does survive and wakes up handcuffed to his hospital bed. He has a visitor in his room. Charlotte tells Lee that his girlfriend told the police what he'd done. He's going to jail. Charlotte assures the guy that he has no power over her. She's not afraid of him, but she does pity him. Oh, and one more thing, she also forgives him.

Pete asks Amelia for help with Lizzie, a new mom who was wounded in combat. Her boyfriend died in the same explosion that lodged shrapnel in her head. Lizzie has no vision in one eye, but claims she can see blurred shapes in the other. That may not be the case, as Pete has to revive her baby when he sees the infant is turning blue during nursing. Thankfully, the baby is okay.

Amelia doesn't believe Lizzie can see well enough to care for an infant. She makes a call to Janet, the mother of the child's deceased dad. This woman makes it clear that if Amelia can't give Lizzie back her eyesight, she's taking the baby back with her to San Diego. Before the surgery, Lizzie assures Amelia that, even if she can never see again, she'll do whatever it takes to make things work with her daughter.

After the surgery, Lizzie says she can see everything in the room, which devastates Janet. Amelia's not happy either. She knows the operation didn't work. Pete coached Lizzie on what to say in order to fool Janet into leaving. It was the only way to be sure mother and child would stay together. But that doesn't make right. Eventually, Pete comes clean. Both he and Amelia convince both Lizzie and Janet that this baby needs both of them since they both love her so much. And they both loved the little girl's dad, too.

Things are as icy as they were before, but Addison refuses to give up on her mother. She knows Bizzy is angry and she knows she's hurting. That's why she tells her that she loves her. Finally, Bizzy lets down her guard long enough to give her daughter a hug.

Bizzy promises they'll have a nice breakfast the next morning. But when Addison arrives back in her hotel room, she knows that's not going to happen. Her mother's lifeless body rests atop the bed. There's an empty bottle of pills and a note on the end table. Addison will never be able to hug her mother again.






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