Private Practice

Episode 2.22 : Yours, Mine & Ours

  • Private Practice
    • Episode Premiere : April 30, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2007 - 2013
    • Production Company: ABC, ShondaLand
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

You want shameless? How about this:

While Addison preps Noah's pregnant wife Morgan for delivery, she's also clearly undressing Noah with her eyes right there in the same room. Morgan sees it, too, and flips out on Addison, telling her to back off her man.

Privately, Addison tells Noah she can't continue with their affair. Then later, when Morgan apologizes for going nuts, she begs Addison to still deliver the baby. Addison says she will-and STILL keeps making bedroom eyes at Noah. Like, WOW!.

Elsewhere, two patients who've had in vitro discover an ugly mix-up: They're each carrying the other's embryo! Even for Oceanside, that's pretty horrible. One patient, Zoe, is ready to abort ASAP. But the other, Amelia, is desperate to go to term, after which time the women can swap babies.

And who could be responsible for this terrible situation? Figures, it's Dell. Sam demotes the clueless wonder back to receptionist. Yeah, better off having that guy just mix up phone calls from now on.

Also, Violet and Pete have similar concerns over another patient, Katie, who recently had a miscarriage. Worried that the distraught girl is off her meds, Violet suggests putting her on a 5150 hold.

As Naomi seriously considers William White's offer to ditch Oceanside and head up Pacific Wellness, Addison tries to convince her to stay, especially now that Oceanside needs her help with the impending lawsuit they're facing from Zoë and Amelia.

Dell has other things to worry about in addition to screwing up at work. His drug-addled ex-girlfriend Heather pops up and gladly offers to hand over their daughter-for ten grand! Obviously, he doesn't have the dough. So, Dell shares his predicament at the center where Sam rips into him for trying to buy his child back. (Really, is it that wrong?)

Violet, with so many guys clamoring for her attention, has a difficult decision to make before her baby is born. So, who's it going to be? She picks Pete! FINALLY, we say. What took her so long? They share a passionate kiss before Violet heads home. Alone.

Well, Violet isn't completely alone. A deranged Katie has stalked her, followed her into her home and drugs her. The deluded girl thinks that Violet's unborn baby somehow belongs to her-and she's going to take it any way she can. GROSS!

Addison continues to insist she can no longer see Noah-while she makes out with him on his couch. (Girl, come on.) Suddenly they get a message: Morgan is in labor.

As Addison and Noah race to the hospital, Zoë finally agrees with Amelia. The two women will go to full term and swap babies after they're born.

And look who's come around: Sam gives Dell a $10,000 check and tells him to get his daughter back. But when Heather comes by to drop off Betsy and collect her money, Dell takes the kid and refuses to hand over the check. He orders Heather away until she can get clean. Hey, maybe Dell isn't as dopey as he appears.

Dell is going to have to especially step up when Addison asks him to handle Morgan's delivery. Addison is at last too guilt-ridden over her affair with Noah to face the woman again.

As for Naomi, she informs a heartbroken Sam that she is indeed taking the Pacific Wellness position. We wish her luck, even if Sam won't.

Violet continues to be terrorized by Katie. But there's hope! Cooper plans on checking up on her. However, at the last second, he answers a call from Charlotte who needs cheering up after being fired from Pacific Wellness. Tragically, Cooper chooses to go to Charlotte over Violet.

Tied up and now with no hope of being rescued, Violet makes a bold move with her assailant. Katie waves a scalpel over Violet's huge belly, ready to remove the baby.

And Violet advises the girl on the best spot to start cutting...






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