Persons Unknown

Episode 1.06 : The Truth

  • Persons Unknown
    • Episode Premiere : July 17, 2010
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2010 - 2010
    • Production Company: Fox Television Studios
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Joe jogs around the town square at dawn as McNair watches from his window. Moira steps in to ask if Joe's doing anything unusual. McNair thinks his routine seems too normal, almost as if he knows he's being watched. Moira reminds him that they're all being watched, but McNair knows it's different; Joe's acting like he messed up somehow. All they can do is keep watching him.

Renbe's asleep when his phone rings. The Irishman scolds him for not leaving well enough alone. Now that Renbe's involved Kat in his unfortunate pursuit, she's at risk. Wild-eyed, Renbe races to Kat's apartment to find her tied to a chair and mad as hell. The couple manages to escape two blue coverall guys, charging out of the apartment and down the stairs, but the coverall guys make a comeback and give chase. Luckily, Edick is on the scene to put them out of commission for good.

Claiming the blue coverall guys usually travel in threes, Edick piles Kat and Renbe in his car. They've got to get out of town or they're going to be as dead as dead can be. When Kat insists Edick stop the car, he cold cocks her, knocking her out and stunning Renbe. Edick's already taken the liberty of obtaining both their passports. If traffic isn't too bad, they should be at the airport in an hour. The flight for Rome leaves in four hours. That is, if "they" don't find Kat and Renbe first.

Over breakfast at the Shanghai Palace, Bill mouths off about Erika. She's a psycho bitch who's going to cut their throats. Does anyone even know where she is right now? Erika emerges from the kitchen with a plate of bacon. When Bill asks if he can have some, Erika tells him to get his own, then offers some to Janet, her "Bright Eyes." When Bill tries to sneak some bacon, Erika warns him away. Of course, he doesn't listen, so she stabs his hand with a fork, then laughs about it with Janet.

In the Inner Sanctum, Tom X tells Joe he's seen the way Erika looks at Janet in women's prison movies, and he knows what it means. Joe wants to know if Tom's heard anything from on high about his insubordination. Tom heard plenty, promising they'll respond soon enough. After breakfast, Erika decides to take a bath and returns to the hotel. When she presses the elevator's call button, nothing happens. Suddenly, it starts working again, and Joe steps out. Erika smells a rat.

Charlie finds Bill sulking in the gazebo - they're never getting out of the town. Bill isn't who Charlie thinks he is, and he's tired of being everyone else's monkey boy. He's not going to take crap from anyone anymore. Erika knocks on Janet's door to tell her about seeing Joe pop out of the elevator. He had snitch written all over his face. Janet insists that although Joe's not her man, he is a good guy. Preferring to trust her intuition, Erika promises to keep an eye on him.

Now in Rome, Kat and Renbe attend Tori's funeral, presided over by Ambassador Franklin, who tells nostalgic stories of his fairy princess. When he says he'll miss her smile, a handsome Italian man, Stefano jumps up to cry "Liar!" Accusing the Ambassador of murder, Stefano pulls a gun. When security rushes forward, Stefano's own bodyguards draw their weapons too. Ambassador Fairchild finally ends the tense standoff, asking everyone to lower their weapons for Tori's sake. Stefano and his men storm out.

Renbe runs after Stefano, with Kat trailing behind. When the bodyguards grab him, Kat asks forgiveness for her crazy brother in fluent Italian. The bodyguards let him go and drive off with Stefano. Renbe wants to follow, but Kat explodes. She's catching the first flight home. Then she's calling the police, the FBI, the CIA, and a therapist, so she can figure out why she has such lousy taste in men. Renbe points out they're both in danger, and Stefano is the only lead they have. They have to find him.

Moira and McNair are just telling Charlie their suspicions of Joe, when Bill swaggers into the lobby with a big smile and a sledgehammer, having just destroyed every stick of furniture in his room. After pulverizing a camera and a potted plant, Bill describes his new strategy: from now on there are two groups of people. Group A fights the power, and Group B stands for bitches. Who knows, maybe Bill will burn all his clothes and go naked. One thing's for sure, he going to control his little corner, and control equals power, and it feels pretty damn good. Bill struts out, leaving the others shaking their heads.

Erika steps into the elevator with Joe. He's just the man she wants to see. Who is he, really? Joe claims he's just a guy who got kidnapped out of his life - who's wondering about Erika. After all, the rest of them all arrived together. Erika showed up right after Tori disappeared. Should he be worried? Warning that she is indeed someone Joe should worry about, Erika accuses him of using classic snitch strategy by flipping the doubt on her. She's not fooled. And Joe should stay away from Janet - Erika's got dibs on her.

Kat and Renbe work their phones, trying to find Stefano. Everyone's afraid of him: he has 12 addresses -none of which are current - and several arrests for drugs, extortion, gambling and assault. Still they have no idea where he is. That's when Stefano's bodyguards show up. Kat and Renbe try to run, but the bodyguards escort them into a waiting SUV. Back in the town, Janet and Joe head back to the hotel after dinner. Not feeling well, Joe tells Janet that there's something about Erika he doesn't trust.

Janet laughs. Erika doesn't trust Joe either. Joe's surprised, but Janet explains. He never talks, so it's no wonder people think he's hiding something. Joe offers to tell Janet whatever she wants to know, then suddenly doubles over in pain as if he's been punched in the stomach, and projectile vomits.

Janet screams for the others, who help bring Joe into the lobby. Erika stands back, smirking that Joe must have started boozing pretty early, but Joe doesn't drink. Claiming he'll be fine, Joe heads for the elevator. When the door shuts, he punches in his code, but nothing happens. On the other side of the door, everyone watches suspiciously as the elevator finally jerks into motion.

Kat and Renbe find themselves zip-tied to chairs in Stefano's warehouse. Despite their press credentials, Stefano doesn't believe they're journalists. The Register is better suited for wrapping fish, no? Renbe explains his theory that the disappearances of Janet and Tori are related. Unconvinced, Stefano puts a knife to Renbe's neck and demands the truth. Kat urges Renbe to confess that Janet is his ex-wife and the mother of his child, and he has video comparing the two abductions. Stefano puts down his knife, and watches the video, his eyes filling with tears at the sight of Tori.

In bed, Joe looks to be near death's door. Suddenly a secret door opens and Tom X emerges from a hidden elevator to give Joe a glass of water. Now he's breaking protocol, just like Joe. Tom wishes he could help more, but the situation has to play out; they can't pollute the program by interfering. They've both committed their life to the program, and there's no single life more important than the greater good it serves.

Stefano tells Kat and Renbe that he and Tori were very much in love and planning to elope. Her father did everything he could to break them up, and then she disappeared. Based on Stefano's confidence that the Ambassador's responsible for whatever happened to Tori, Kat and Renbe decide to investigate at the Embassy. Meanwhile, everyone gathers in Joe's room. McNair and Moira figure Joe's been poisoned, though there's no way to know without tests. They leave to check the drug store for a possible antidote, while Janet resolves to stay by Joe's side.

Erika checks in on Janet. Maybe she was wrong about Joe, though it doesn't matter now. Still, she's sorry for causing Janet grief; all she wanted to do was protect. Annoyed, Janet insists she doesn't need protecting. Back in Rome, Renbe and Kat disguise themselves as priest and nun to attend a reception at the Embassy. After two hours of nothing, Kat takes matters into her own hands, knocking over an ice sculpture and falling to the ground. As the Ambassador gives her all his attention, she palms his security pass and hands it off to Renbe, who slips into his office.

Using the pass, Renbe manages to open a wall safe, which contains a photo of Janet, Joe and Tori standing in front of the Shanghai Palace. Renbe takes a photo with his phone, then hides under the desk when security checks the office. Back in Joe's room, Moira has mixed up two antidotes. One will cause Joe to vomit, but if the poison is chemical-based, it could cause more damage or death. Activated charcoal could absorb the poison, or it could interact with it, killing Joe instantly.

Suddenly Erika steps up with a bottle of vodka, claiming she's seen this sort of thing in prison. Girls would poison themselves making moonshine with antifreeze. When Moira confirms Erika might be right, Janet asks them to try it. Erika smirks, telling Joe she'll give him the vodka, but only if he answers one question: is he one of them? Joe nods, and Erika helps him drink. Claiming Joe's no longer useful, Bill tries to strangle him, but the others pull him off. Joe can still give them information, or be used as a bargaining chip.

In a cab, Kat berates Renbe, then orders the driver to take her to the airport. Renbe silences her with a passionate kiss, and the driver hops out of the car, locking them in. Renbe kicks the door open and they sprint up the street as the cab explodes behind them. It's dawn when Joe finally wakes up, still weary from his ordeal. Offering a glass of water, Janet asks if he remembers what he said - he does.

When Joe claims he didn't tell the truth in order to protect Janet, she slaps him and storms out of the room as Tom watches from the Inner Sanctum. Then he turns to spy on Erika, who pours the contents of a can of antifreeze down her bathroom sink, toasting, "Here's to us, Bright Eyes," while challenging the camera with her eyes. Even Tom is chilled by Erika's malevolent look.

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