Persons Unknown Episode 1.05 Incoming
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Persons Unknown Episode 1.05 Incoming

Episode Premiere
Jul 5, 2010
Production Company
Fox Television Studios
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Episode Premiere
Jul 5, 2010
2010 - 2010
Production Co
Fox Television Studios
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Jonathan Frakes
Linda McGibney
Main Cast

Day is dawning, and Tom X is already on the job, reciting Sandburg poetry while spying on the captives from the surveillance desk of the inner sanctum. Joe surprises Tom, who wants to know why Joe's breaking protocol for the second time - is it all about Janet? When Joe asks Tom if he's ever... Tom cuts him short. He doesn't want to have to "red card" Joe. Tom sends Joe back to the surface, warning him not to do anything stupid.

The elevator doors open, and Janet steps in, almost colliding with Joe, who claims he took a walk because he couldn't sleep. Janet admits she hasn't slept since the night they spent together in the cabin. Joe's just promising to meet her at breakfast when Moira and Mc Nair interrupt. Have they seen Tori? She's disappeared and her room's been sanitized. As they all head outside, Moira wonders if Tori was right. Maybe her father kidnapped her to teach her a lesson. Suddenly, Janet spies a blond in a white polka dot dress lying on the ground by the pain wall. Everyone takes off running.

The blond hair is a wig, and the unconscious woman is definitely not Tori. Moira quickly determines the woman has a pulse, but she's barely breathing. So where's Tori? In Rome, an elderly man begins his daily regimen of scooping coins out of a fountain... where he's shocked to discover the corpse of Tori Fairchild, still in her party dress from the night she was kidnapped.

McNair carries the woman into the lobby and places her on the front desk so Moira can continue her examination. Bill interferes as Moira explores the woman's tattoos - could her name be Erika? McNair comments that a spider web tattoo could signify that Erika was in prison. Joe points out that it may mean she killed someone. Finding new track marks on her arms, Moira deduces that Erika was recently hospitalized. Janet asks the guys to carry Erika to her room.

Back in Rome, Ambassador Fairchild identifies Tori's corpse. When he breaks down, the police inspector promises to leave no stone unturned in his investigation. Meanwhile, Moira has started a project, writing all information relative to the hostages' plight on the walls of her room. As she tells McNair, the truth is they're no closer to knowing the why of their situation than the day they arrived, over two weeks ago. Moira suddenly recalls the Agatha Christie mystery, "And Then There Were None," where several people are invited to an island and killed off by the least likely murderer, posing as a fellow guest. One of them could be behind the whole thing. McNair tenderly promises to protect Moira.

Renbe shows up to work, where Kat fires him without ceremony, having already hired his replacement. It seems Gomez told the publishers about Renbe's status as a suspected felon. Kat admits she doesn't much care that Renbe didn't tell her about Janet; still, he lied. Was he sleeping with her just to keep his job? As security cameras zoom in, Renbe insists his feelings for Kat are very real, despite his honesty issues. Kat scoffs. When security arrives to escort him out of the building, she tells Renbe not to let the door hit him on the way out, hiding her disappointment until he's gone.

Janet and Joe huddle around a still unconscious Erika. Could she be in a coma? Suddenly, Erika's eyes pop open. She grabs Janet like a shield then pushes her away like a rabid dog. Janet calmly introduces herself and Joe, promising to help. Erika cold cocks Joe, so Janet takes her down. Erika punches Janet in the face, then throws herself out the window. She lands on a lower roof, jumps to the street and runs off. Janet sprints after her, warning it won't work - there's no way out. Erika hits the pain wall hard, then gets up and sprints off in the other direction.

Renbe's taking the edge off his bad day with some scotch when a news story about Tori's murder appears on the bar's TV. When he sees familiar-looking surveillance video of her kidnapping, bells go off in his head. Like Janet, Tori disappeared two weeks ago. Back in the town, Moira returns to Francine, the boutique. She turns to a camera, threatening revenge if anything terrible has happened to Tori. Just then, an old TV crackles to life, showing a black and white European newsreel. Tori's back in Italy, safe and sound, where she's been reunited with her loving father. Moira cries with relief.

Bill's chillin' on the street, drinking a frosty Coke when Erika rips around a corner, head butts him to the ground and starts ripping his clothes off. When Bill cracks that she must like it rough, her foot snaps into his face. After putting on Bill's clothes, Erika delivers a few final kicks, knocking him out. She races into Shanghai Palace's kitchen, and begins shoving food in her mouth like a starving animal. When Tom offers a beverage, she picks up a knife and backs out. Licking his lips in anticipation, Tom heads for the safe room.

Joe waits for Tom in the safe room to ask about Tori. Tom will only say that Tori's no longer with them, and Joe knows what that means, and yes of course, someone will be next. Someone's always next. And no, he doesn't know anything about Janet, but isn't Erika just a hot wild thing? Refusing to reveal any more information about Erika or Janet, Tom sends Joe out, advising him to try the pressed duck at dinner.

Crazed and bloody, Bill runs into the hotel in his underwear and collapses on the couch, yelling for help. Charlie seems delighted to hear about Bill's busy afternoon with Erika. Bill tells him to quit joking around; they've got to stick together. Claiming it's high time Bill realized it's survival of the fittest, Charlie smacks him in the ribs, apologizes ironically, and wishes him best of luck. Meanwhile, Renbe hangs out at Kat's, watching surveillance video over and over again, comparing Janet and Tori's kidnapping.

Back in the town, Erika chases Charlie down the street with a shovel. Charlie's screams bring the others. When Moira gets too close, Erika whacks her in the face with the shovel, then sprints off to the bank, slipping into the vault. Janet follows, hoping to calm Erika down. From his inner sanctum, Tom smiles and closes the vault door. Since Erika won't talk, Janet tells the story of how she got to the town; she's scared, too. Pulling a knife out of her pants, Erika explains that now the only thing Janet needs to be scared of is her.

Unable to get any traction on the vault, Joe heads for the inner sanctum, demanding Tom stop what he's doing. Tom refuses, explaining the vault acts like a vacuum chamber; in 10 minutes there'll be no more oxygen. Realizing Janet may die, Joe attacks. Tom quickly pulls his gun and gains the upper hand. They have to let the situation play out. Joe runs out and Tom returns to his monitor, just as Erika puts her knife to Janet's throat, promising the cameras she'll slice if the door doesn't open.

When talking doesn't work, Janet head butts Erika and wrestles the knife away, explaining she doesn't want to fight. Erika relents; she's already died once. Why would the second time be any worse? The women hear Joe and McNair on the other side trying to breach the walls with pickaxes, but Erika knows it's futile. The walls are made of reinforced concrete, just like prison. Meanwhile, Renbe has just googled missing U.S. citizens when Kat walks in, none too happy to find Renbe in her apartment.

Renbe explains. He needed to use Kat's computer because his Nexus account was cancelled, and since he had her key... Besides, he's onto something. What if the people who abducted Janet also kidnapped Tori? Kat demands to know if this is all about the fact that Renbe still cares for Janet. He denies it, claiming that he has to find Janet for Megan's sake. Kat tells Renbe to do what he needs to do - without her - and get the hell out of her apartment.

With the oxygen in the vault almost depleted, Erika and Janet use what may be their last moments to talk. Erika knows Joe means a lot to Janet, which she thinks is a mistake. Janet explains that her entire reason for getting out is Megan, and she's terrified that her mother now has custody. Erika admits she has an 11-year-old son named Anton, who's in foster care. She wasn't a very good mom. In fact, the last thing she remembers, she was about to be executed by lethal injection, courtesy of the state of Texas.

Desperate, Joe returns to the hotel, punching his code into the elevator buttons, unaware that Moira's watching. Tom finds Joe in the inner sanctum, trying to figure out how to open the vault door. With Tom's Glock pushing on the back of his neck, Joe admits he'd throw everything away for Janet. Joe attacks, flooring Tom. Blowing his last chance to "get back on board," Joe orders Tom to open the door, and he does. Joe trashes the inner sanctum while McNair helps Janet and Erika out of the vault. When Joe rushes up to hug Janet, everyone's suspicious. Where has he been?

Kat surprises Renbe outside his apartment with the list of missing U.S. citizens, which contains the names of Janet, Tori and Bill. She warns that none of this will mean anything if Renbe doesn't face up to the real issue and go see his daughter. Meanwhile, Janet, Joe, Erika and McNair head back to the hotel. Bill runs up to tackle Erika for taking his clothes. Janet kicks him off, refusing to agree that Erika's the enemy. Erika apologizes for hitting Moira, but will only tell Bill to "dream on, loser."

Back in Rome, Ambassador Fairchild takes a phone call from The Irishman, who thanks him for cooperating. It must have been difficult. Fairchild tells him to go to hell - he's out. Now that they've taken his little girl, what more can they do to him? The Irishman promises they can do a whole lot more... The next morning after prayer, a terrified McNair flashes back to a house invasion in Iraq, which involved at the very least jamming his weapon into a kid's forehead. McNair removes his dog tags and flushes them down the toilet.

From the hotel, Joe watches as Erika promises Janet that no matter what, she's got her back. Meanwhile, Renbe accosts Megan in the park. It's not long before Eleanor intervenes. When Renbe introduces himself as Mark Cooper, Megan's father, Eleanor gets serious. If he wants to say something to Megan, he'd better be very careful. Renbe promises Megan that he'll find her mother.

McNair apologizes to Moira. He promised to keep all of them safe and he let them down. Tori's dead. Moira insists Tori's safe, per the news report she saw in the boutique. McNair thinks it has to be a trick, but Moira's a believer. But there's something she needs to tell him about Joe... Back in the safe room, Tom lays into Joe for putting them both in danger. The whole vault thing wasn't about Janet, but about the two of them. They've failed their own test. Now they'll just have to wait and see what happens next... and it probably won't be good.