Episode 1.07 : Lovesick Blues

  • Nashville
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      January 18, 2018
    • Episode Premiere : November 28, 2012
    • Distributor : CMT, ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Family, Music
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - Now
    • Production Company: ABC Studios, Lionsgate Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

  • Director Mimi Leder
  • Screenwriter Wendy Calhoun
  • Main Cast
    • Connie Britton as Molly McMullen,
    • Hayden Panettiere as Mermaid,
    • Charles Esten,
    • Eric Close,
    • Clare Bowen,
    • Jonathan Jackson,
    • Sam Palladio,
    • Chris Carmack,
    • Lennon Stella,
    • Maisy Stella,
    • Powers Boothe,
    • Robert Wisdom

  • Additional Cast
    • Wyclef Jean as Dominic Wells,
    • Kimberly Williams-Paisley,
    • Judith Hoag,
    • David Alford,
    • Ed Amatrudo

The Story

Listening to a new track with Liam, Rayna hears from Bucky that Marshall wants her to perform for her record label at Edgehill Republic's 25th anniversary concert at the Ryman Auditorium.

Juliette and Sean are interrupted by Glenn, who says that while she's been helped by her association with pro quarterback, the bad press outweighs the good. Juliette later meets with Marshall, who suggests she only do one song at the concert-the closing number with Rayna. Glenn pushes Juliette, reminding her it's in her best interest.

Outside of Tequlia Cowboy, Avery and his band admire their name in the marquee. Marilyn has invited some bigwigs to their performance, but Avery fixates on the fact that Scarlett has never missed a single one of his shows before.

Rayna enjoys a movie night with her family. After Teddy gets home, they are interrupted by a phone call from Coleman wanting to meet. He has surveillance photos of Teddy and Peggy which he plans to release unless his opponent drops out of the race. Coleman believes Teddy when he says it's not an affair, but he's just not sure anyone else will.

Tandy and Lamar advise Teddy that he should release a statement saying there was no affair, promising him that the paper trail of his bad deal has been wiped clean. Teddy gives Peggy a heads up about what's coming. She is understandably concerned. Lamar hands over a mugshot of Coleman's arrest to Teddy, urging him to feed it to the press so there's less fallout with the Peggy situation.

Back at the Bluebird, Deacon performs "Pretend It Isn't There." Scarlett, affected by the song, wonders to Gunnar if she may have made the biggest mistake of her life by leaving Avery. Gunnar suggests that it could make a good song, but she's just not in a place to write yet.

Going in to rehearse with Liam, Rayna runs into Deacon, who is leading the house band for the concert. Marshall shows up and threatens to release a Greatest Hits album if Rayna doesn't perform with Juliette. Rayna negotiaties with the label, agreeing to do the duet in exchange for their backing on a new album.

Juliette stands on the empty stage of the Ryman, reflecting on what she's been through to get here while Deacon gives her words of encouragement. Rayna and Juliette meet to pick out the song for their duet. The two expend no effort pretending they like each other, which puts them at odds coming to a decision about what to perform. Juliette points out that she's there to fill the seats that Rayna can't. Rayna counters, telling Juliette she still has yet to earn her place on the stage. Deacon comes to Juliette's defense and gives "Undermine" to Rayna to listen to, hoping to show that Juliette has real talent.

Hailey shows up at Deacon's house to snap Scarlett out of her post-Avery rut with a night out. Scarlett enjoys herself and jumps up on stage to sing "Love's Ring of Fire." When Gunnar sees Scarlett kissing a guy she just met, he freaks and pushes him away. Scarlett gets upset at Gunnar and he goes off on her, calling her loose. After a confusing night, Scarlett shows up at Avery's and sees Marilyn putting her clothes back on. Avery pleads with Scarlett to believe that he doesn't love Marilyn and only slept with her after they broke up.

Juliette winds down with a visit from Sean. When things start getting hot, Sean stops her and says he wants to take it slow. She's hurt and offended, and kicks him out. Rayna shows up offering a way to start over-by writing a song together. The next morning, they are still at it, but actually professional about things.

Before they go on stage to perform, Juliette is visited in her dressing room by Sean, bringing flowers. He explains that he's old-fashioned and wants to wait until marriage. Rayna says goodbye to her daughters before she goes on, and notices that something is weighing on Teddy. Avery is introduced to Dominic, who is interested in his music and getting him to Atlanta. Scarlett and Gunnar talk things out. She's glad she hasn't lost him. She's also ready to write together again.

Rayna and Juliette go onto the historic stage and perform "Wrong Song." They bring down the house with their collaboration. Something special is brewing between the two rival country stars. Marshall is quite pleased with the potential of this duet.

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