My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.03 Hello Henry
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My Own Worst Enemy Episode 1.03 Hello Henry

Episode Premiere
Oct 27, 2008
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Episode Premiere
Oct 27, 2008
2008 - 2008
Production Co
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Bryan Spicer
Tyler Mitchell
Main Cast
Additional Cast
  • Danny Arroyo
  • Tim Kelleher
  • Missy Yager

Henry discovers that Rafe Castle, his doctor friend, has been killed. Knowing who was responsible for Rafe's death, Henry runs to his car and records a message for Edward on his phone. In a return message, Edward lets Henry know that he can't talk about Janus to anyone and that ultimately he is responsible for Rafe's death. As soon as Henry went to see him and mentioned the chip in his head, Rafe had seen and heard too much.

Angie brings the newspaper into Henry's home office to show him the front page article about Rafe's death. She is shocked and concerned, as Henry had just gone to see him. In a session with Dr. Skinner, Henry opens up about Rafe's murder. He lets Dr. Skinner know that he thinks he knows who killed Rafe, but that the murderer is close to him. Dr. Skinner assures him that she is there to protect him. When Henry gets home that afternoon, Angie asks for his help with their broken refrigerator and reminds him to take Ruthy dress shopping for a friend's party.

While Henry takes out the trash, his dog greets a passerby. This man introduces himself as an FBI agent and tells Henry he wants information on the company he works for. Not AJ Sun - the other one. He then shows Henry a business card and asks him to memorize the number. He instructs Henry to call if he remembers anything.

Henry leaves Edward a message just as he feels the switch about to happen, letting him know that he is taking Ruthy shopping for a dress. When Edward wakes up he checks in with Mavis and Tony at Janus, who alert him to a mission in Mexico they need his help with. But first he must meet the "client." He assures Mavis he'll do it, and tells Ruthy they must run a few errands before going dress shopping.

Angie pays Tom's wife, Mary, a visit because she's concerned something's going on with her husband. Mary shows Angie a porn site she found on her computer. Angie encourages Mary to go surprise Tom on his business trip to spice things up a little; she reminds her how much Tom loves her. Back at Janus, Trumbull tells Raymond that Edward can handle Mexico alone. He needs Raymond for another mission.

Edward returns with Ruthy after buying a dress. Just as he feels Henry waking up, he leaves him a message. Angie is furious with "Henry" for spending $2,000 on a dress for a 12 year old. Henry, shocked at the ticket price of the dress (and the dress itself), tries to smooth things over.

Tony tries to calm Edward as he parachutes into Mexico on a mission. When he lands, Henry wakes up. He is alone here and must make it work. In a video message, Edward walks Henry through the black box he's carrying, with all the details he'll need. After he calls in to Mavis, his pick up arrives. It's the man he met in Los Angeles the day before. Henry gets in his car and they drive off.

Trumbull fills Raymond in on a mission that takes him to the Vancouver airport, where he poses as TSA agent. In Portland, Mary checks into his hotel room to surprise him, but the desk clerk lets her know he's not there yet. Later that night, Mary sits on the bed in her lingerie, waiting for Tom and worried that he hasn't checked in.

Henry arrives at Gael's compound in Mexico as planned. After being searched, Gael finds his ear piece and then shoots the guard who missed it. Gael takes Henry in to have a drink; Henry loosens up and talks a bit too much. Gael lets him know that he never liked him before, and now he does. In fact, Gael invites Henry to Bogota. But Henry lets him know that MI-5 is running a sting in Bogota with a mission to take him out, and to be careful.

Edward wakes up in a strange bedroom, listens to a message from Henry and then goes to meet Gael in the dining room. He asks for the schematics he came for and notices his watch on Gael's arm. Gael tells him where to meet the man who has them, once the money has been wired. And he lets Edward know the watch was his gift from the night before.

Mavis fills Raymond in on Mary's visit to Tom's hotel. Tony makes sure to get all the details straight for the memory implant. When Tom gets home he finds Mary upset. Tom tells her the meeting was switched at the last minute from Portland to Seattle and he left her six or seven messages. Mary picks up her phone to find that the messages have suddenly appeared.

Back in Mexico, Edward is dropped off in town where his contact will find him. He calls in to Mavis to give the go-ahead for the wire transfer. However, Tony finds that the transfer is on hold due to another, larger transfer, for $10 million. Mavis realizes that this is a setup; the bounty Uzi had on Edward's head was $10 million. Mavis calls to warn him, but Edward is already aware and on the move.

There are now several men after him. Edward gets in a shootout. After being chased, Gael pulls up in a car to help. He picks him up as a thank you for the intel he gave him on Bogota. Edward, almost grateful that Henry talked, still wants his watch back.

Mavis pulls Raymond into Janus to discuss his unfinished mission. Raymond must call Mary to cancel their date night.

Henry listens to a message from Edward explaining that telling Gael about a classified mission was not the appropriate thing to do, but did acknowledge that he didn't completely screw up. When Henry walks into the kitchen he notices the brand new refrigerator; clearly Edward's work.

Henry shares a moment with Ruthy before she goes to her party. Ruthy asks him about the man she saw before he took her to buy the dress. She told him that even though she was supposed to stay down in the car, she peeked and the man's face scared her. Henry, realizing that Edward took her to meet Garcia at the pier, has hit his limit. He walks out and calls the FBI agent from a payphone. However, it turns out the FBI agent isn't an FBI agent after all, but someone who works for Janus.

Henry agrees to meet the Janus employee in a train yard later that night. Just as Henry tells the agent about Edward, the agent pulls out a gun. But before he can shoot Henry, someone else shoots the agent in the chest. Henry turns around to find Dr. Skinner with a gun.