Mind Games

Episode 1.02 : Asymmetric Dominance

  • Mind Games
    • Episode Premiere : March 04, 2014
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site : http://abc.go.com/shows/mind-games

Cast and Crew

  • Director Miguel Sapochnik
  • Screenwriter Kyle Killen
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Wynn Everett,
    • Katherine Cunningham,
    • Becky Ann Baker,
    • Ian McLaren

The Story

The team isn't thrilled with the late night TV commercial Ross rolled out until a potential client walks through the front door. Cathy Steward was next in line to be CEO of a top consulting firm. The woman is intelligent, driven, experienced and revered by all of her employees. Nevertheless, the board of the company is getting cold feet about promoting her. They are thinking of going with a younger, less-experienced total tool of guy named Trent Hanes unless someone can change some minds.

Ross paid Beth to get Clark to fall for her, so he doesn't believe she can keep this secret by continuing to be part of his life. She'll be unable to keep up with her lies and that'll expose them both. Beth is their Yoko. After a chat with Claire, Clark assures his brother that he can balance both Beth and work. He rattles off a plan as the team meets with Cathy Steward. The plan is to add a third decoy candidate to the mix thereby making their client more attractive to the board. Cathy suggests the underappreciated Jim Clemons. Now they just need to get him an interview.

The team heads into a swanky affair where they spread rumors that Jim Clemons is being considered for the CEO position. Things go well until Clark causes a scene that leaves Catherine regretting her decision to hire them. Even after everything that went wrong, Jim Clemons is offered the opportunity to interview for CEO. It's an offer he turns down. Jim feels he has no shot against Catherine and Trent. Now the team needs to convince him that he does.

A lawyer wants Beth to sue the university for what when down between her and her professor. It could mean big bucks. It would also mean that she needs to end things with Clark before they can proceed. As it turns out, the lawyer is an ex-con named Samantha “Sam” Gordon who was sent to set a trap by Ross. Beth didn't take the bait. This has Ross willing to help her fit in with the team. As for Sam, she wants a job with the firm. Ross gives her a one shot deal to help with the Jim Clemons situation.

Sam presents herself as a sexy expert salary-negation specialist to boost Jim's ego. Clark encourages her to use rhymes during her persuasive chat. None of this works. Jim still doesn't believe he can win. Sam says that's okay. Jim doesn't have to win. He just has to be in. Despite all of Sam's impromptu rhymes, Jim still opts to stay on the sidelines. At first, that is. Jim ultimately decides to interview. This gives Sam the leverage she needs to try prove to Ross that she'd make for a fine fulltime employee.

The entire team is ecstatic when they hear that Cathy was named CEO. The celebration is short-lived once they learn that Jim Clemons is being let go. Some inconsistencies in his background have been discovered regarding his education and prior experience. That's why he didn't want to interview. Cathy found out about this, but didn't much about it. Ross tells her that she needs to stand up for Jim, but she's not willing to jeopardize her new position.

Catherine Steward has a change of heart. She fights for Jim and ends up being fired. It's all good though. A bunch of college dropouts from Silicon Valley want her to run their company. Jim Clemons is going with her. The team celebrates their big win at a bar. Claire admits to Ross that she was surprised by his speech to Catherine Steward. She's further surprised to learn that he lied about not having known Beth. That's more like the deceptive Ross she used to know.

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